New Mexico State Fair

2020 State Fair - Going Virtual!

Virtual 4-H Indoor Exhibit Showcase

Please find the below instructions for entering your county indoor exhibits for the Virtual State 4-H Exhibit Showcase. Exhibits must be entered no later than Wednesday, Sept. 9th. Do not send hard copies of entry lists to the State 4-H Office. You will need to upload at least one clear photo per entry but no more than 3 photos. All self-determined projects must have project sheets uploaded. There will be no Best of Show awards, but there will be awards for Best of Division.

Virtual Livestock Show

Submissions will be accepted from August 6 - 31, 2020.

Click on the link below for more information and to submit your entry.

Other Competition Opportunities

NMSF 4-H Indoor Exhibit Results

Congratulations to all our exhibitors in the 4-H Indoor Exhibits. 4-H uses the modified Danish system for judging. This means that the items are judged against each other, but also judged against the standard, therefore, every class may not have a first place and items that are the only one in their class do not automatically receive first. Indoor Exhibits are one learning experiences within the 4-H Project and we are very proud of the quality exhibited by our New Mexico 4-H Youth.

2020 NMSF 4-H Indoor Exhibits Results

2019 NMSF 4-H Indoor Exhibits Results

Previous Years Results