State 4-H Leadership Teams

Meet the Leadership Team

2019-2020 State 4-H Officers

2019 - 2020 4-H State Officers Team
2019-2020 4-H State Officers
From left to right: Evan Webster, Kaitlyn Kircher, McKenzie Luna, Taylor Moore, Helena Ramirez, Alyssa McAlister, Randy Halvorsen

The New Mexico State 4-H Officers are elected during the State 4-H Conference in July each year. Once they have been elected, they begin planning many activities for their fellow 4-H members.

As members of the state officer team they will plan and conduct Youth Get-Away, State Conference and provide county and multi-county leadership workshops. They will also contact public officials on 4-H-related matters and help at the New Mexico State Fair.

Leadership Team Members

President - Evan Webster, Union County

Vice President - Helena Ramirez, Hidalgo County

Secretary - Taylor Moore, Sandoval County

Treasurer - Alyssa McAlister, Roosevelt County

Reporter - McKenzie Luna, Sierra County

Parliamentarian - Kaitlyn Kircher, Roosevelt County

Song and Recreation Leader - Randy Halvorsen, Dona Ana County


2019 Ambassadors

Image of the 2019 Ambassadors
2019 Ambassadors from Left to right: Tatumn O'Toole, Avery Feldman, Colton McVaugh, Shelby Gillette.

Tatumn O'Toole - Luna County

Avery Feldman - Colfax County

Colton McVaugh - Dona Ana County

Shelby Gillette - Dona Ana County

State 4-H Leadership Team Applications

The Constitution and Bylaws of the New Mexico 4-H Council were revised at the 2019 NM State 4-H Conference business meeting. The revised constitution and bylaws includes restructuring of the NM 4-H Leadership Team. Within that restructuring, the ambassador selection will be moved to the annual meeting in July (NM State 4-H Conference) and therefore, will not take place at the 2020 Senior Leadership Retreat. The ambassador and officer application process will be posted to the website February 2020.