State 4-H Leadership Teams

Meet the Leadership Team

PRESENTING...The State 4-H Leadership Team Virtual Workshop

When: November 30, 2020, 6:00 pm

How: Contact your County Extension Office to register by November 24, 2020.

  • Baking 101 with the Leadership Team Workshop Flyer
    Bake chocolate chip cookies and banana nut bread with Song and Rec leader (Kyleigh) and FCS Ambassador (Cassidy). Be prepared for tips, tricks, and treats.” Recipes can be found in Baking 1 (chocolate chips) and Baking 2 (banana nut bread)

2020-2021 State 4-H Leadership Team

2020-2021 New Mexico State 4-H Leadership Team

Leadership Team Members

President - Tatumn O'Toole, Luna County

Vice President - Avery Feldman, Colfax County

Secretary - Elida Miller, Dona Ana County

Reporter - Austin Rhames, San Juan County

Song and Recreation Leader - Kyleigh Kelley, Valencia County


Christopher Turner - Santa Fe County

Aimee Coletti - Dona Ana County

Ashlyn Ahlgrim - Valencia County

Cassidy Jimenez - Rio Arriba County

Emily Kitseallyboy - San Juan County

State 4-H Leadership Team Applications

The Constitution and Bylaws of the New Mexico 4-H Council were revised at the 2019 NM State 4-H Conference business meeting. The revised constitution and bylaws includes restructuring of the NM 4-H Leadership Team. Within that restructuring, the ambassador selection will be moved to the annual meeting in July (NM State 4-H Conference) and therefore, will not take place at the 2020 Senior Leadership Retreat. The ambassador and officer application process will be posted to the website February 2020.