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Take 10 with 4-H

Idea/Information Sharing for 4-H Volunteer Leaders via Zoom

A great resource for volunteers where an extension agent or 4-H volunteer will present about 5-7 minutes on a topic and open up for sharing from participants for remainder of the 10 minutes. Sessions will be recorded and shared below. Since the scheduled Take 10 sessions will only focus on one small part of a larger topic, additional videos and resources will be posted below under the selected Take 10 topic.

Club Meetings - What does a club meeting look like?

Getting Parents Involved - Video and Information

Put the "Fun" in recreation - summer club ideas - July 1, 2021

Team Building - September 2, 2021

4-H Member Opportunities - November 4, 2021

Mental Health - Jan. 18, 2022

Take 10 with 4-H – County Contests

Take 10 with 4-H - Demonstrations