4-H Tech and Design EXPO

NM 4-Hers had the opportunity to engage in digital design in many different ways. More than 30 online sessions were offered in digital photography and video, page layout, game design, social media, and more. This Online EXPO features the work of 4-Hers, and projects they completed with digital tools.

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Video Category

(Screen shot of Denny giving a presentation with poster about a horse)
Novice, Curry County
"I learned to add a title, work with lighting and turn up my sound."

Graphic Design

(Poster selling lemonade)
Novice, Doña Ana County
"I learned how to use Spark to make a poster."
(Image showing parts of the scientific method
Junior, Doña Ana County
"I learned several things and gained several skills while working on this project, some of which include: the effects of shadow and opacity, how layers can influence a digital object's appearance, combining complimentary and contrasting colors, how alignment REALLY matters when creating a digital poster, and last but not least, how a mistake can unexpectedly result in a design breakthrough. All of these newfound skills have helped me grow in creativity and in my presentation skills, all while having fun! "
(Image of a poster showing a skeleton and
Junior, Doña Ana County
"I learned how to use Spark."

Digital Presentation

(Thumbnail of presentation with marketing information)
Novice, Curry County
"I learned to insert multiple pictures and text boxes. I looked at design templates to create my own layout for a business portfolio."
(Thumbnail of a slide showing text and a bow)
Junior, Doña Ana County
"I learned how to animate text and slides."
(Thumbnail of slide of Duolingo)
Junior, Quay County
"I learned how to make transitions between slides"
(Thumbnail showing slide with a boy, his dog, and text)
Junior, Curry County
"I learned to convert photos into illustrations and insert them into the PowerPoint."
(Thumbnail of presentation about Australia)
Junior, Curry County
"I learned a lot about Australia and had fun creating the project. Taking the workshop on PowerPoint made it easier for me when my teacher assigned this project. I never did one before this and they are a lot of fun. My teacher has assigned another I'm working on now and I will have several of them this year. This was the most helpful workshop for me to attend this summer. I got a lot out of it and I was able to help my friends that never worked with the program."

Digital Photo Category

(Thumbnail of a boy in a red hat, smiling at camera)
Novice, Doña Ana County
"I learned how to have a nice background."
(Thumbnail of sunset photo with orange cloud)
Junior, Doña Ana County
"I learned to create a digital matte for my photo in Photoshop I learned about rectangle creation, layer fills, strokes, and digital re-sizing."
(Thumbnail of trick photo showing a woman inside a shoe)
Junior, Quay County
"I learned photo editing and perspective."
(Thumbnail of black and white photo of front of a white truck)
Novice, Doña Ana County
"I learned how to use the different effects on the phone such as the black and white filter."
(Thumbnail showing black and white mountains and sun)
Junior, Doña Ana County
"I learned how to make good composition."
(Thumbnail of two horses in a field)
Junior, Curry County
"I learned to crop photos and adjust lighting."

Computer Program

(Thumbnail of game with dark starry sky)
Junior, Quay County
"I learned how to code with blocks."
(Thumbnail of game with green garden)
Junior, Doña Ana County
Two new things I learned about were the broadcast and sound recording functions within Scratch, I was already familiar with the "basics" of Scratch programming, but had never previously explored creating my own sound effects, or allowing different sprites and/or backdrops to send "messages" to each other. Within my game, certain elements stubbornly refused to disappear during a certain event, so I used the broadcast function, which allows an element to send a signal to every other element within the program to follow a certain command. This finally made things work the way I expected them to in the first place! I had also never created a program in Scratch with sound, so I experimented with using the default sound banks to add some extra detail to some actions within my program, I was also able to record some of my own sounds but I still need to practice/grow my skills with this aspect of things, my recordings were not what I expected them to sound like. Overall, I have learned that there are many ways to accomplish something, and that if you keep working at it and don't give up when things go awry, that you might even have been able to improve something through the "mistake"!
(Thumbnail of Scratch Program showing Magic 8 Ball Interface)
Junior, Doña Ana County
"I did not know how to make a magic 8 ball (before the class)."


(Thumbnail of round circle character getting ready to jump.)
Junior, Doña Ana County
"I learned there is an Animation Assist option which helps you animate your drawing."