New Mexico 4-H Virtual Opportunities

We are so excited to bring more virtual New Mexico 4-H events! See links below for more information.

Healthy Habits Virtual Camp!

Help us hack a climate change problem! The hackathon is a two-day virtual event where youth are challenged to design a hack to reduce food waste at the micro or macro level. Join us Friday night, September 24, and all day Saturday, September 25. Team size is 2-4 youth, but individuals can still participate and will be assigned to a team. This event is open to youth across the State aged 14-18 (non-4-H youth are welcome). Compete for funding to support your ideas and change the world. Registration and more information about the hackathon is available at Please register by September 23, 2021. For questions, please contact Courtney Mitchell, 4-H Extension agent in Harding County, at