Lexi Montgomery

Image of Lexi Montgomery

Major: Agriculture Business Economics

Dream Job: I would either love to work as a marketing consultant for a large agricultural company or work as a loan officer to help local farmers and ranchers with the financial aspects of their operations

Favorite NMSU Experience / What advice do you have for other students? The ACES Branding Ceremony has been my favorite experience by far; the celebration of both new members and alumni of the ACES College showed me the everlasting impact and community within the college of ACES. I advise other students to attend university events and meet new people! Networking is a crucial skill within college, and I met some of my closest friends at events like the branding ceremony.

Who is your biggest role model? I have so many role models, as each of them exhibit characteristics that I believe make me a better person; however, my biggest role model is one of my sorority sisters - she's kind, selfless, authentic, smart, and trustworthy. She is someone I strive to resemble in every aspect of my life, whether it be academic, extracurricular, or social

What is your favorite quote? Proverbs 31:25 - "She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future."

Favorite music artist: Hoodie Allen

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Favorite Snack: Chex mix and gummy worms

Favorite extracurricular activity: Drawing and playing ukulele

What would your superpower be? Super hearing, because I think I'm a good listener