Sage Wilks

Image of Sage Wilks

Major: ANSC

Dream Job: Working in the mule industry

Favorite NMSU Experience/ What advice do you have for other students? My favorite NMSU experience has been been getting involved with the college of ACES and having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. My advice to other students would be to get as involved as possible, and to step outside your comfort zone.

Who is your biggest role model? My biggest role model is my mom, because she is the most hard working and compassionate individual I know

What is your favorite quote? "Bring out the best in everything you come in contact with, be it man or mule." - Ty Evans

Favorite music artist: Flatland Cavalry

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural

Favorite Snack: Tiramisu

Favorite extracurricular activity: Creative writing, hiking, showing mules, horses & dogs

What would your superpower be? N/A