AEAB Extension Specialists Del Jimenez

Del Jimenez is a College Assistant Professor and an Agricultural Specialist working in the areas of livestock programs, agronomic crops, horticulture projects and construction projects.

Jimenez was born in Phoenix and raised in Scottsdale. He attended both Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher, receiving an Associate of Arts Degree in Agriculture and the University of Arizona receiving Bachelors of Science degrees in Animal Science, Agronomy, and Horticulture. He received his Masters of Arts in Extension Education from New Mexico State University.

Jimenez worked internationally for many years in Central and South America doing large agri-industrial projects as well as farming over 8,000 acres a year on his own farm in the past.

In his present position as specialist, Jimenez covers the northern half of the state of New Mexico working with limited resource farmers and ranchers implementing sustainable farming and ranching programs appropriate for their needs.

Del Jimenez

Del Jimenez
Office Location: 371 Alcalde St, County Rd 40, Alcalde, NM 87511
Phone: 505-852-2668
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