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Adam Summers

Title: Assistant Professor of Animal Science, Cattle Physiology
Major Field of Interest: Reproductive Physiology, Fetal Programming
Email Address:
Office Phone: 575-646-1549


B. S., Animal Science, Utah State University, 2007

M.S., Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition), Utah State University, 2009

Ph.D., Animal Science (Reproductive Physiology), University of Nebraska, 2012

Post-Doctorate - University of Nebraska, 2013

Courses Taught:

ANSC 416 - Beef Production

ANSC 423 - Animal Breeding


Identification of strategic supplementation time points and nutrients during gestation to improve progeny growth, development and reproduction

Nutrition/reproduction interactions in the developing heifer
Impact of estrous synchronization on ovarian steroidogenesis and oocyte quality