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Derek Bailey

Title:Professor and Director CDRRC

Major Field of Interest: Livestock grazing management; GPS-based animal tracking; rangeland livestock production; riparian area management; livestock-wildlife interactions; rangeland restoration.

Office Phone: 575-646-2554

Office Location: Knox Hall 329


B.S., Animal Science, Colorado State University - 1980

M.S., Animal Science, Colorado State University - 1985

Ph.D., Range Science, Colorado State University - 1988

Courses Taught:

RGSC 452 Vegetation Measurements for Rangeland Assessment. Undergraduate vegetation monitoring course. Focus on cover, frequency, density, production and utilization. Sampling theory and analysis. (4 credits)

RGSC 458 Livestock Behavior, Welfare and Handling
. Undergraduate course developed by Bailey during Spring 2009. Principles of animal behavior and evaluation of management systems on animal welfare in confined and rangeland livestock operations. Low-stress livestock handing techniques. Design of livestock handling systems. (3 credits)

RGSC 460 Advanced Rangeland Management
. Capstone undergraduate course in the NMSU Range Science program. Rangeland management planning; use of vegetation monitoring in decision making; stocking rate calculations; grazing systems; rangeland administration; economic analyses for rangeland improvements. (4 credits)

RGSC 509 Approaches to Rangeland Research
. Graduate course. Techniques and methods of conducting rangeland and ecological research. Experimental design and statistical analyses. Proposal development. (3 credits)

RGSC 515 Range Graduate Seminar (1 credit)

Teaching Statement:

Philosophy: Collegiate level education should provide knowledge of subject material, but more importantly provide an environment where students learn to critically evaluate realistic problems and issues, formulate alternatives to resolve problems and questions, and select optimal solutions. In addition, collegiate education should train students to communicate effectively, both orally and written, in their professional fields and in other public venues.

Approach: First, I introduce or review the subject material (general knowledge). Next, I interact with students in lecture, homework and exams to ensure that students can think critically within subject material using what if scenarios problem recognition, and application of principles to new situations. I work hard to provide students a safe haven to practice critically thinking and problem solving. Using case studies and real life scenarios, I provide hands on opportunities, support and advice to use their knowledge and critical thinking abilities and analytical skills to answer questions and resolve problems. I try hard to get students to think out-of-the-box. Students practice oral and written communication through class discussions, projects, and exams, and I provide comments and feedback to help improve their communication skills.

Major Research Areas:

Targeted grazing, livestock behavior, grazing management, rangeland livestock production, riparian area management, and livestock adaptation

Research Statement:

The focus of my research has revolved around livestock grazing distribution and rangeland livestock management. From 5 years working as a consultant, I found that undesirable grazing distribution was and continues to be the cause of many of the livestock grazing related issues on public and private lands in the western United States and around the world. Livestock grazing is often considered unsustainable because animals overgraze in some areas while other areas receive little use. Much of my research program is based on novel approaches to evaluate and refine rangeland and livestock management practices that were used and recommended to improve grazing distribution over 50 years ago. However, technology was not available 50 years ago to accurately monitor and analyze cattle grazing patterns. With modern GPS and GIS technologies, we can not only evaluate recommended practices, such as herding, strategic supplement placement and selection to manage livestock grazing, but we can develop methodology to make these practices more effective. Thus, we are not reinventing the wheel but rather understanding the processes and mechanisms of grazing behavior and using that information to refine livestock grazing management. If we understand these behavioral mechanisms, we can begin to use livestock, not only as a source of red meat, but as a tool to manage vegetation and habitat on western rangelands.


Range Science Program Coordinator

Director of the Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center (CDRRC)

Selected Publications:

Refereed Book Chapters (n = 3)

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Refereed Scientific Journal Publications (n = 51)

Last 5 years

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Other selected journal articles

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Selected Proceedings (n = 28)

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