Hatim M. E. Geli

Title: Assistant Professor of Landscape Hydrology
Major Field of Interest: Hydrology and Remote Sensing
E-mail address: hgeli@nmsu.edu
Office phone: 575-646-1640


Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Utah State University, USA 2012
Modeling Surface Energy Fluxes over Agricultural and Riparian Vegetation Using Remote Sensing

M.S. Water Resources Engineering, University of Khartoum, Sudan 2004
Streamflow Forecasting using Artificial Neural Network

B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Khartoum, Sudan 1999

Research and Teaching:

Dr. Geli research and teaching interests are in the area of hydrology and remote sensing. His research focuses on the utility of remote sensing data and tools to improve water resources management. He utilizes multiple modeling approaches to modeling water and energy fluxes within the soil-vegetation-atmosphere interface. His ongoing research activities involve integration of remote sensing data and gridded near surface weather forcing data to evaluate water fluxes at regional scales; scintillometer applications in hydrology; mapping land surface features studies including monitoring crop growth and development, mapping natural vegetation, and monitoring hydrothermal features using thermal infrared and multispectral reflectance as well as point-cloud LiDAR data from airborne and satellite-based sensor; drought monitoring and impact assessment using environmental and social data. He developed a modeling approach that couples water and surface energy balance methods to estimate evapotranspiration and root zone soil water content at different temporal and spatial scales.