The Department of Agricultural and Extension Education

The Department of Agricultural and Extension Education strives to provide students with content knowledge, technical skills, and applied experiences that will establish our students as successful individuals post-graduation from the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.

The primary focus of the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education is to develop the skill set and content knowledge of each individual student in an effort to make our graduates well-rounded individuals, and prepared for the experiences they will encounter in the "real world" following graduation from our university. This includes strengthening the leadership skill set of each student through applied experiences and classroom training.

The degree programs offered through the AXED department equip students to influence the future. Our undergraduate and graduate emphasis areas in agriculture education, technology education, agricultural communications, extension, government agricultural careers, and international agricultural development, while different in coursework and experiences, all revolve around a common goal. Our graduates "Change Attitudes, Change Lives, and ultimately, will Change the World."

FIND your passion - MAKE a difference!

NMSU AXED Students Speak Out!

Image of four NMSU students with happy faces, posing for a photo at the AXED Banquet.

"I love AXED because we are preparing ourselves to be in a career that educates people of all ages about the agriculture industry and where our food and fiber comes from."

-Kelsey Garner, Senior

"AXED is like a big family that look out for each other, willing to lend a hand when needed. It's also helping us prepare for our future in agriculture!"

-Raul Perez, Junior

"I chose AXED for my major because of the strong support structure and family setting. I also have a strong passion for educating people about agriculture who don't have much background in Ag."

-Zane Powell, Sophomore

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Agricultural and Extension Education (AXED)
NMSU Gerald Thomas Hall Room 111
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Las Cruces, NM 88003-8003
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Tre Easterly in the classroom teaching students

Congratulations to Dr. Tre Easterly for his 2018 ACES distinguished faculty award win. He will be awarded the NACTA Teaching Award to be given at the 2018 ACES Awards Day Ceremony on April 20th. Congratulations again to Dr. Easterly!