Majors & Options Available

Agricultural and Extension Education Major

Prepares students for careers as professional educators and extension agents; develops students as leaders in agriculture, communications, technology and related disciplines.

  • Agricultural Education Teaching - prepares students to teach agriculture and natural resources in a middle and high school setting.

  • Agricultural Communications - prepares students for careers in print and broadcast media, public relations, photo-journalism, and advertising/marketing related to agriculture, food, and natural resources.

  • Technology Education - prepares students for a career in the technology industry through hands-on experience through classes and internships.

Agricultural and Community Development

Prepares students for a broad spectrum of domestic and international positions in government agencies and non-governmental organizations that deal with agricultural community development issues and natural resources (e.g. Cooperative Extension Service, USDA, NMDA, Peace Corps, and World Neighbors).

  • Cooperative Extension Service - prepares students for a career with the Cooperative Extension Service in youth development and other agricultural related programs.
  • Government Agencies - prepares students for a career in government agencies such as USDA and NMDA.
  • International Programs - prepares students for a career working in agricultural development in an international setting.

Agricultural and Extension Education Degree Sheets