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Mammal Lists and Keys

North America

  • Mammalian Species
    Mammalian Species is a peer-reviewed publication series of the American Society of Mammalogists. Each volume is an account that summarizes available information on a particular species. This site includes an index to the accounts and downloadable pdf files of the first 631 accounts.





New Mexico

Statewide Information

  • Biota Information System of New Mexico (BISON-M)
    Species accounts for vertebrates and many groups of invertebrate. Includes taxonomy, distribution, habitats, natural history, etc. Use extreme caution when using information from this site. Many references are unpublished and some statements my pertain to specific subspecies or situations other than indicated. While this is a good reference for quick information, always verify information based on original citations.
  • Mammalian Type Localities in New Mexico
    Pdf of Frey 1996. Mammalian type localities in New Mexico. Occasional Papers, The Museum of Southwestern Biology, 7:1-21. This is a list of all location in New Mexico where mammal taxa were described. Click this link for additions to this list.

Regional Information

  • Mammals of Fort Bliss Military Base
    Pdf of Clary et al. 1999. Checklist of mammals from twelve habitat types at Fort Bliss Military Base; 1997-1998. Occasional Papers, Museum of Texas Tech University 192:1-16.




  • Mammals of Utah
    Utah Division of Wildlife; includes GAP predicted habitat maps; otherwise, little technical data
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