Graduate Program

The Department offers graduate work leading to the Master of Science degree with a major in Wildlife Sciences. The Fisheries Sciences major is an option within Wildlife Sciences.

Students are encouraged to obtain minors in other disciplines.

Minimum qualifications for admission to the graduate program include the following:

  • 3.0 grade-point average in the last two years of undergraduate work.

  • Students who are most competitive for admission are those with a combined average GRE score >70th percentile on the verbal and quantitative parts of the GRE.

  • Course work in zoology, botany, vertebrate biology, genetics, and animal ecology and a basic appreciation of sustainable use of natural resources, with supporting courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics and written and oral communication.

All students should apply directly to the Graduate School using the online application form, and submit all required documents online, as follows:

  • Transcripts of ALL undergraduate courses, not just those taken at the university where they received their degree (i.e. community colleges, previous universities).

  • A Letter of Application - written composition of approximately 350 words that indicates the applicant's reasons for pursuing advanced study, explains personal and educational goals, and any additional experiences (i.e. military or career) or skills that might provide a foundation for graduate study.

  • GRE scores - The Department Code has previously been listed as 0115. This is incorrect. Students are asked to use the code for New Mexico State University - 4531.

  • Three Letters of Recommendation - it is preferred that at least two letters come from university instructors.

All materials will be downloaded by the Department to complete your folder.

Applicants should also contact a faculty member in the Department they would like to work with as an Advisor, and that faculty member needs to agree to serve as the student's Advisor and fund their research. Successful applicants will be selected from those who meet the criteria of grade-point average, GRE scores, CV, and educational background described above and who appear to have professional promise as indicated by personal history and written references.

Foreign students apply through the Center for International Programs and most submit a completed International Application for Admission online and pay the application fee at: International Student Services.

Graduate Application Committee

Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

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New Mexico State University

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Telephone: 575-646-7051