Graduate Student Organization

The goal of the organization is to:

  • Further professional development of graduate students within the Department
  • Facilitate communication among graduate students and Departmental faculty
  • Foster fellowship among graduate students within and among Departments
  • Encourage attendance at conferences and professional meetings to improve scientific communication through oral and poster presentations and networking skills

How Do We Do This?

Ensures graduate student representation on Departmental Committees. One GSO member serves as representative to the New Mexico State University Graduate Student Council.

Social Activities

Social activities include tail-gating parties before football games, forming co-ed intramural softball and flag football teams, and impromptu gatherings at students' homes and the local brew pub to discuss science and politics.

GSO Officers

2017-2018 Officers


GSO meetings: Monthly

Please check back for Upcoming Events & Announcements!

Contact Us

Picking a graduate program is a very important decision. Often you may have questions about a program and a prospective advisor. If you are interested in New Mexico State University and the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, we would be glad to share our experiences with you. Feel free to contact the GSO officers or see the Graduate Student page for additional contacts.