A Manual of the Grasshoppers of New Mexico

Aeoloplides Turnbulli (Caudell) [=Aeoloplus t. (Caudell)]


Adult male (from Dr. Pfadt's Field Guide)

New Mexico Distribution Map

Common name: Thistle Grasshopper.

Size: 11-29mm.

General distribution: W. North Dakota and south-central Canada, S. to E. New Mexico, N. Texas, and W. Oklahoma.

Distribution in New Mexico: Widely distributed, especially in eastern half of state and in southwest quarter.

Habitat: Grassland.

Host: Various Chenopodiaceae such as Atriplex (salt bush), Kochia

(a primary host on the Great Plains), and Salsola (Russian thistle). Rarely attacks beets and spinach.

Adults Present: July-September.

Notes: Tegmina nearly as long or longer than abdomen; male with prominent tooth on hind coxa; often greenish. Rarely of economic importance.

Reference: Wallace 1955.

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