A Manual of the Grasshoppers of New Mexico

Arphia Pseudonietana (Thomas) [ = A. Crassa Bruner]

Adult male
(from Dr. Pfadt's Field Guide)

Adult female
(from Dr. Pfadt's Field Guide)

New Mexico Distribution Map

Common name: Red-Winged Grasshopper.

Size: 30-47 mm.

General distribution: British Columbia E. to Ontario, Canada, and Ohio; S. to central Mexico.

Distribution in New Mexico: Widely distributed on grassland.

Habitat: Grassland.

Host: Various grasses and a few forbs.

Adults Present: June-December.

Notes: Easily separated from other grasshoppers by dark color, combined with black and bright red (occasionally deep orange, rarely yellow) hind wings. Makes a distinct crackling noise in flight. Not economically important.

Reference: Otte 1984.

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