A Manual of the Grasshoppers of New Mexico

Dactylotum Bicolor (Thomas) [= D. Variegatum (Scudder), = D. Pictum]


New Mexico Distribution Map

Common name: Pictured Grasshopper, Barber Pole Grasshopper.

Size: 20-35 mm.

General distribution: Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, S. to N. Mexico.

Distribution in New Mexico: Widely distributed on grassland.

Habitat: Grassland and desert.

Host: Various forbs; likes Verbena stricta and Baccharis wrightii.

Adults Present: June-October.

Notes: Only short-winged grasshopper in New Mexico with blue, red, white, and yellow markings arranged in transverse bands. Not economically important. Often very abundant.

Reference: Helfer 1953, Capinera and Sechrist 1982.

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