A Manual of the Grasshoppers of New Mexico

Melanoplus Angustipennis (Dodge)

Adult male
(from Dr. Pfadt's Field Guide)

Adult female
(from Dr. Pfadt's Field Guide)

New Mexico Distributions Map

Common name: Narrow-Winged Spur-Thoat.

Size: 17-22 mm.

General distribution: S. central Canada, S. to Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Distribution in New Mexico: Nearly statewide.

Habitat: Grassland, sandhills, and mountains.

Host: Various grasses, forbs, moss, and fungus.

Adults Present: July-September.

Notes: Male cerci narrowed at middle; male furculae divergent; markings inconspicuous. Tegmina long. Hind tibiae highly variable in color, especially northeastern New Mexico. Not economically important.

Reference: Helfer 1953.

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