A Manual of the Grasshoppers of New Mexico

Schistocerca alutacea Scudder:
S. a. albolineata (Thomas) [ = S. a. chinatiensis Tinkham]
S. a. lineata Scudder
S. a. shoshone (Thomas)

Adult S. a. albolineata

New Mexico Distributions Map

Common name: White-Lined Bird Grasshopper (S. a. albolineata); Lined Bird Grasshopper (S. a. lineata); Green Bird Grasshopper (S. a. shoshone).

Size: 36-65 mm.

General distribution: Alberta, Canada, W. to Washington, E. to Ohio, and S. to Florida, Arizona, and Texas, and into Mexico.

Distribution in New Mexico: albolineata-Bernalillo, Dona Ana, Eddy, Hidalgo, Otero, Socorro, Torrance. lineata-Mostly eastern half of state, Dona Ana, Bernalillo. shoshone-Nearly statewide, rare on plains.

Habitat: Mostly in lush forb growth. Albolineata found mostly in the mountains, lineata is mostly in sand hills, and shoshone is primarily in riparian areas.

Host: Forbs, crop plants.

Adults: July-November.

Notes: Very large bird grasshoppers with long tegmina. Color varies (the main cause of the named varieties) from solid green (shoshone) to brown or blackish with a central dorsal yellow stripe, and (in the case of some albolineata) yellow lateral patches; hind tibiae red to black or brown to yellow. Intermediate forms common. Can be very destructive to some crops, especially cotton and corn.

Reference: Dirsh 1974.

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