A Manual of the Grasshoppers of New Mexico

Spharagemon campestris (McNeill) [= Trimerotropis c. McNeill]

New Mexico Distributions Map
Common name: Campestral Grasshopper.

Size: 25-40 mm.

General distribution: W. Nebraska and South Dakota, W. to Nevada, N. to S. Canada, and S. to New Mexico and Texas.

Distribution in New Mexico: Northern half of state.

Habitat: Gravelly areas in cool grasslands.

Host: Grasses, forbs.

Adults Present: July-September.

Notes: Differs from S. equale by habitat and higher pronotal crest, cut twice; differs from Trimerotropis spp. by bands on tegmina having undefined edges, and from T. modesta by the banding pattern on hind femora and hind wings; inner hind femora often orange; hind tibiae orange or red. Not economically important.

Reference: Otte 1984.

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