A Manual of the Grasshoppers of New Mexico

Trimerotropis cincta (Thomas)

New Mexico Distributions Map

Size: 21-36 mm.

General distribution: British Columbia, Canada, Idaho and Montana, S. to Arizona and New Mexico.

Distribution in New Mexico: Bernalillo, Cibola, Colfax, Lincoln, Otero, Sandoval, San Juan, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Taos, Torrance, Valencia.

Habitat: Open areas in woodland and scrub in mountains, roadcuts, embankments, etc.; usually with leaf litter.

Host: Unknown.

Adults Present: June-September.

Notes: Always with black band across face between eyes; hind tibiae blue or gray; hind wing basal area yellowish; hind wing band with short spur. Not economically important.

Reference: Otte 1984.

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