2019-2020 ACES Mentor Team

Image of 2019-2020 Mentors Group Photo

Frank Hodnett/ Agricultural & Extension Education

Image of Melissa Aguirre

Melissa Aguirre

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Justin Armstrong

Justin Armstrong

Major: AXED.

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Image of Logan Boone

Logan Boone

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Kyler Bowerman

Kyler Bowerman

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Hannah Burton

Hannah Burton

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Alvin Busby

Alvin Busby

Major: FCS.

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Image of Cole Busser

Cole Busser

Major: AG Biology.

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Image of Courtney Chancellor

Courtney Chancellor

Major: EDUC.

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Image of Joyce Anne Cooper

Joyce Anne Cooper

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Kayce Culler

Kayce Culler

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Gabriel Doherty

Gabriel Doherty

Major: ACDE.

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Image of Halee Fincher

Halee Fincher

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Kaitlyn Fox

Kaitlyn Fox

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Kalie Gillespie

Kalie Gillespie

Department: ANSC.

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Image of Megan Gorman

Megan Gorman

Major: HRTM.

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Image of Sara Gurule

Sara Gurule

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Darbi Harrington

Darbi Harrington

Major: AXED.

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Image of Kaitlyn Harwell

Kaitlyn Harwell

Major: AEAB.

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Image of Taylor Hogan

Taylor Hogan

Major: CJ.

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Image of Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein

Major: AEAB.

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Image of Hannah Kuhn

Hannah Kuhn

Major: ANSC.

Hannah's Bio

Image of Rebekah McCarty

Rebekah McCarty

Major: ACDE.

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Image of Ashlyn Meeks

Ashlyn Meeks

Major: AEAB.

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Image of Annalisa Miller

Annalisa Miller

Major: AXED

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Image of Siena Mower

Siena Mower

Major: ANCS.

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Image of Ariele Mroz

Ariele Mroz

Major: HRTM.

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Image of Amber Ogaz

Amber Ogaz

Major: HRTM.

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Image of April Paredes

April Paredes

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Austin Polk

Austin Polk

Major: AXED.

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Image of Kylie Pruett

Kylie Pruett

Major: ANSC.

Kylie's Bio

Image of Brianna Rohrer

Brianna Rohrer

Major: ANSC.

Brianna's Bio

Image of Sydney Schumacher

Sydney Schumacher

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Jaidyn Swartz

Jaidyn Swartz

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Ashton Treadwell

Ashton Treadwell

Major: FSC.

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Image of Kat Voelz

Kat Voelz

Major: HRTM.

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Image of Katya Waid

Katya Waid

Major: HRTM.

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Image of Riley Walker

Riley Walker

Major: ANSC.

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Image of Ethan Wright

Ethan Wright

Major: ANSC.

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