Degree requirements subject to change; please contact an advisor for the most current requirements.

Basic Science Background Requirements (40 credits)
BIOL 111G, Natural History of Life3
CHEM 111G/112G, General Chemistry I, II8
CHEM 313/314, Organic Chemistry I, II6
CHEM 315, Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
BCHE 395, Biochemistry3
BCHE 396, Biochemistry and Biotechnology3
MATH 191G and 192G, Calculus and Analytic Geometry I and II8
A ST 311, Statistical Applications3
PHYS 211G/212 General Physics I, II or PHYS 221G/222G General Physics for Life Sciences I, II6
Core Requirements (42-44 credits from Tier I, II, and III courses)
Tier I courses (all are required):
GENE 110, Experimental Systems in Genetics1
BIOL 211 and 211L, Cell and Organismal Biology and Laboratory4
GENE 305L, Genetic Techniques Laboratory1
BIOL 311/311L, General Microbiology and Laboratory5
GENE 315, Molecular Genetics3
GENE 320, Heredity and Population Genetics3
BIOL 377, Cell Biology3
GENE 440, Genetics Seminar1
GENE 452, Applied Bioinformatics or MOLB 470, Bioinformatics & Genome Analysis3
BCHE 494, Techniques in Genetic Engineering4
Tier II courses (choose one course from each of the following four areas):
Selection response:
AGRO 462, Plant Breeding3
ANSC 423, Animal Breeding3
BIOL 467, Evolution3
ANSC 421, Physiology of Reproduction3
BIOL 354, Physiology of Humans3
BIOL 381, Animal Physiology3
BIOL 385, An Introduction to Cancer3
BIOL 451, Physiology of Microorganisms3
BIOL 474, Immunology3
EPWS 314, Plant Physiology3
HORT 471, Plant Mineral Nutrition3
Organism structure:
ANSC 370, Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals4
BIOL 313, Structure and Function of Plants3
BIOL 322, Zoology3
BIOL 330, Comparative Anatomy and Embryology4
BIOL 470, Developmental Biology3
BIOL 465, Invertebrate Zoology4
EPWS 303, Economic Entomology4
Molecular Genetics:
BIOL 475, Virology3
BIOL 478, Molecular Biology of Microorganisms3
BIOL 482, Microbial Systematics2
GENE 486, Genes and Genomes3
GENE 488, Gene Regulation3
Tier III courses (Choose one science and ethics course from the following):
AGRO 303V, Genetics and Society3
HON 306V, Science, Ethics, and Society3
PHIL 321, Biomedical Ethics3
Additional Courses:
Electives to bring total to 128 credits including 48 upper division credits.