School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Alena Silva

Alena Silva

NMSU On-Site Concierge Professional
Las Cruces, NM

Current Job & Responsibilities:
My role at Crimson Concierge is to offer exceptional customer service while also providing a professional, welcoming, and enthusiastic personality! I assist our clientele with a wide range of services from travel and event planning, dining and entertainment options, product research, providing gift suggestions, and much more.

However, what makes the concierge unique on a college campus is that I am here to help support students on their educational journey here at New Mexico State University. You can think of the Crimson Concierge as your information hub for any department at NMSU: housing, dining, career services, tutoring, parking and so forth. I am here to help the NMSU community utilize available services, create enjoyable time away from studies/work, and truly take full advantage of their time here on campus!

What I Learned From the HRTM Program:
I believe the most valuable thing I gained from the HRTM program was finding my passion! It all started with taking a few classes to see what HRTM was all about. And thanks to the wonderful professors, engaging courses, as well as the challenges I faced as a HRTM student, I quickly realized that this is a profession I could love and be successful at in my future. Fast forward to present-day, that initial passion has facilitated my ability to provide authentic hospitality, which I strongly believe is crucial in our industry.

What I Most Enjoy About My Career:
I love helping students navigate through their college career! Whether it's trying out for a team, attending a career fair, joining a club, or assisting them in finding outside opportunities on their field of study. I wish this service was around when I was attending school!

It is also rewarding to provide parents/guardians of incoming students a breath of relief when they learn about all the great services the Crimson Concierge has to offer, and that these services are complimentary and extended to them as a part of the Aggie family! As a mother myself, I can understand the heightened emotions of sending your child off to do something new.

Finally, with all of our out-of-town visitors and conference guests, it is always fun to provide them with the do's and don'ts on campus, as well as a guide to the city and surrounding areas! I love to hear back from guests about their adventures in Old Mesilla, a hike around the Organs, shopping the Farmer's & Crafts Market, how mind blown they were by White Sands and the gorgeous sunsets, and of course, if they decided, "Red or Green?".

Memorable Experience:
Thus far, my most memorable professional experience, would have to be my hospitality journey coming full circle. From attending classes in Gerald Thomas, to undertaking a few career ventures, and most recently, finding myself "homecoming" so-to-speak and adapting my skills and experience in the hospitality industry on NMSU campus. This unique opportunity was a perfect match, and I am grateful to have a job where I love my work/life balance and work culture, each day is different, and I get to provide memorable experiences! Go Aggies!

IATA Travel Agent
Disney Travel Agent
Universal Studios Travel Agent
Marriott Hotel Excellence Advisor
Hyatt Regency Tamaya F&B Intern
Aeropostale Inc.
- Assistant Manager
- Sales Associate

For more information about Crimson Concierge, email them at or call 575-646-2079.

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