School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Katie Barela

Katie Barela

Marketing Coordinator

Current Job & Responsibilities:
I am employed as the marketing coordinator of an Electronic Health Records software company. I love my job. I get to create all of the promotional materials for events, coordinate our annual users meeting, and create and maintain all resources for our current clients. When the pandemic hit, my sister and I had a conversation with our dad, who is an optometrist, about how they were handling social distancing and contact tracing at his office. He said it was a very time consuming process that consisted of phone calls and trips back and forth to the patient’s vehicle to get their temperature and all of the data recorded. We decided that there had to be a better way and that is where eRrivals was born! Our app serves as a virtual waiting room. It can be run on any smart device and even from a desktop computer. It takes the stress out of storing contact tracing info and worrying about clean pens, dirty pens, etc.. The customer can simply check in with our eRrivals app and the business can notify the customer through the app when they are ready for them to come inside.

What I Learned From the HRTM Program:
With my experience at NMSU in the HRTM program, I learned how to prioritize my time! The hospitality industry has applications way beyond restaurants and hotels. The principles learned in the program can be used in all aspects of business.

What I Most Enjoy About My Career:
It is so satisfying knowing that people are reading something you created, attending an event you planned, or are learning something from a piece that you put together. It’s a great feeling and I know so many of these skills were developed at NMSU.

Memorable Experience:
It is so satisfying when people read my work or attend an event I have planned.

I worked as the office manager for Total Eye Care for 7 years. I have planned events on the side throughout college and beyond.