School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Alumni Spotlight

Mitchell McMillan

Nagoya College of Foreign Languages (NCFL)

General description of job responsibilities:
I teach English at a professional training college located in Nagoya, Japan. There are 4-main fields of study; English, Airline, Hotel and Bridal. Students focus on an area of study and learn specialized knowledge to enter these industries from professionals. I have lived in Japan since 2000 and have become fluent in Japanese. My core responsibilities are to teach English and to engage students about foreign cultures. I also prepare students for job-interviews in English. With approximately 350 students, this can get interesting. I am also the coordinator for international affairs and the study abroad programs for NCFL. Over the last few years, I have escorted more than 200 students to England, Australia, Canada and America. This is always exciting and challenging too. Graduates from NCFL have successful careers in the Airline, Hotel and Bridal industries along with a wide-range of careers that use English on the international stage.

Most valuable thing gained from the HRTM program:
The most valuable thing that I learned from the HRTM program was the passion and dedication of the HRTM teachers and staff. Especially, Dr. Moreo, Dr. Breiter, Dr. Bloomquist and Dr. Blanch were always available and well-prepared and made each class a true learning experience. It is easy to see that they genuinely love students, hospitality and were always willing to share their vast knowledge. There was also a lot of first-hand experiences in and out of the classroom that has really helped me in the real world.

What they enjoy most about their career:
I enjoy meeting new students and seeing them improve their English skills. It is very enjoyable to help students discover new ideas and ways of thinking on their English learning journey. Also seeing students succeed in their careers and realizing their dreams gives me great pleasure. It is delightful to get updates on personal life experiences as well from former students all over the world.

Most memorable professional experience:
Everyday being able to communicate with young learners of English and to share new experiences and challenges with them. Especially, having the honor to represent NCFL in MOU ceremonies and escorting students to study abroad in 4-different countries and soon to be five.

General list of other experience:
I really enjoyed the different opportunities available to HRTM students to grow and learn more about the hospitality industry. From planning fund raising events to cooking international dinners to traveling to Chicago for the restaurant exhibition made for a fulfilling NMSU life. Also being a member of the HRTM clubs and the Sam Steel Society are special to me.