School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism ManagementOnline Undergraduate Degree Completion Program

Obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management can open the doors and broaden your opportunities in the continually growing hospitality and tourism industries. However, many people who already have an Associate Degree in Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary Arts, Food Service Management, Business or related fields may not be able to come to the incredible NMSU main campus in Las Cruces or to pursue the degree or have jobs that prevent them from taking traditional face-to-face classes. NMSU-O now gives you that opportunity to complete your HRTM bachelor degree at a distance.

This program is specifically developed to accommodate the schedules of busy hospitality employees. The fully online format is flexible and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere, making it possible for students to continue working and earning while expanding their skills.

Students utilizing the online opportunity must complete all University General Education Requirements. Students must also complete all course requirements specific to the Bachelor of Science degree in HRTM. These requirements are listed below and in the NMSU Undergraduate Catalog.

All Lower Division courses (those numbered 100 and 200) can be completed at a community college offering hospitality and culinary associate degrees. Note: Not all courses in all programs will transfer. All general education classes and Lower Division HRTM lecture classes along with ACCT 221 are also offered through NMSU-O. All Upper Division courses (those numbered 300 or higher) needed to complete the BSHRTM from a distance can be completed Online via NMSU's CANVAS Learning Management System. The exception is HRTM 363 - Quantity Food Production and Service. Individual substitutions and accommodations will be made regarding this course

Each semester, a small number of upper division HRTM courses are offered online. Courses offered each semester may be found by visiting Look up Classes.

The requirements for any student registering for these courses are:
*Admission as a degree seeking NMSU-O undergraduate majoring in HRTM.

For additional course registration information please contact the HRTM office.