School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Rose Lucero

Rose Lucero

Bond Outreach Coordinator
El Paso Independent School District

Current Job & Responsibilities:
Spending time on construction sites with steel toe boots doesn't sound like the career path associated with a HRTM degree. But promoting and sharing the stories surrounding the new shiny buildings and the innovation going on in the classrooms because of El Paso Independent School District's $668 million bond, is tourism for the city of El Paso and EPISD. I proudly wear my hard hat, knowing the projects we accomplish at our school district make a tremendous difference to our students and the community at large.

What I Learned From the HRTM Program:
My career wouldn't be the same without the knowledge and experience I gained from the HRTM program and its amazing faculty. I may not have worked for a hotel or restaurant professionally, but the practices and principals led me on a successful career path in the service industry. From education, to non-profit management, a personal injury law firm and a political campaign, all my professional experience touches on serving people. It has led me in directions I would never have thought of to try - each a little different but with the common theme of working with people and making their lives better.

What I Most Enjoy About My Career:
I love serving people. It's a motto I've lived by since before I became an Aggie. I feel blessed knowing I am part of an amazing team and that together we make sure our students and community have the best experience possible when it comes to our bond projects. Overall, the development of people and community is what has made my career worthwhile. Making people feel appreciated and special extends to my personal life and it's something I've instilled in my own daughter. We enjoy helping others, volunteering and doing our part to make our small corner of the world a better place. Whether at work or in the community, we're all in this together, so helping each other is important.

Memorable Experience:
I could go on for pages sharing memorable moments throughout my professional career, including working with NFL Legends to raise charitable funds and witnessing individuals work their way through homelessness into financial independence. But as it relates to my experience at EPISD, I'd have to say it’s watching new schools and modernized buildings develop from the ground up. Seeing the wide eyes of curious students and teachers walking into their brand-new school for the first time brings me immense joy. I know it means we just upgraded their educational experience and, ultimately their lives.

20+ years in public and media relations, marketing and advertising, fund development, and project management.