School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism ManagementUniversity Alcohol Permit Request Guidelines, Training and Forms

The form below must be completed and submitted to the University Alcohol Committee when hosting alcohol related events on campus.

Before completing your application, you must take a free web-based training class through Training Central that will assist you in understanding the policies and deciding whether you need an alcohol permit for your event, if so - which type of permit you need, and how you can obtain and serve/sell alcohol for events. Please click on the link below to access the training.

In order to expedite the approval process, please make sure that you understand all the New Mexico and NMSU alcohol policies and procedures before completing your application. The NMSU guidelines been updated, please read the new guidelines posted below.

University Alcohol Permit Applications are submitted to Jean Hertzman ( For questions please call 575-646-4786.

  • Alcohol Permit Training Class
    Please click on this link to access the Alcohol Permit Training Class available through Training Central. You must take this class prior to submitting an alcohol permit application, especially if you are new to planning events on any NMSU campus with alcohol service.