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To maximize your educational time and dollars, the college has developed more than 107 articulation agreements to help students from New Mexico and other states transfer credits. f you are attending a community college or four-year university at one of the 35 partner schools listed here, then you could benefit from one of our agreements.

What is an Articulation Agreement?

An articulation agreement is an agreement between two colleges to accept credit from each other. For example, if a student takes English 111 at NMSU, it will be transferred to Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute as English 102.

Our Promise

NMSU seeks to improve educational opportunities for students by granting credit for courses taken at all partnering institutions listed on this Web site. Students can move from one institution to another without sacrificing quality and avoiding duplication in course work. NMSU and all partner institutions are providing students with an educational plan to progress toward a bacherlor's of science degree in agriculture; home economics; or hospitality, restaurant and tourism management at NMSU. The institutions allow the transfer of credit for the successful completion of courses contained in this transfer guide.

Transfer Guides

These transfer guides are meant to serve as policy and advisement documents in evaluating transcripts. The partner institution courses listed here are acceptable in transfer for the agriculture; home economics; or hospitality, restaurant and tourism management majors at NMSU.

Please note that the courses transferred from all partner institutions to NMSU are accepted at the lower-division level (100-200), unless transferred from a bachelor of science degree granting institution. Students transferring to NMSU must complete 55 hours of upper-division (300-400) courses in order to receive a bachelor's of science or arts degree.

Due to the nature of changing policies, institutional requirements and curricula, students are encouraged to consult campus catalogs periodically.

For More Information

New Mexico State University

College of Agriculture and Home Economics

Academic Programs Office

Box 30003, Dept. 3AG

Las Cruces, NM 88003-8003

Outside New Mexico, call (575)-646-1807

Inside New Mexico, call (800)-400-1807

Alumni Out-of-State Scholarship

The Alumni Out-of-State Scholarship enables a student who is a nonresident of New Mexico to attend NMSU and pay in-state tuition and fees. The scholarship award also provides a $200 per year stipend for educational expenses. Students must have a minimum composite score of 23 or greater on the ACT (SAT equivalent 980) and a high school GPA of 3.5; or have an ACT composite score of 26 (SAT equivalent 1100) and a high school GPA of 3.0.