Global Impact - Mexico

NMSU is uniquely positioned to provide its research, education and extension expertise across the state, along the border region, and into Mexico – following the natural and historical flows and patterns of communities, cultures and businesses in our area of influence. Within the university, the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) is the beacon for regional agricultural-based communities and businesses that share a common cultural and economic heritage. As such, ACES is restating its commitment to New Mexico students, faculty, researchers, businesses and communities by not limiting access to human and economic capital that stops at the border; rather, opportunities for expanded access to partnerships, collaborations, inputs and markets will come along with our expanded relationships with our sister institutions – and the communities they serve - across Mexico.

At ACES we believe strongly that our zone of influence and ability to have a positive impact on the community radiates out from ACES in all directions – including throughout Mexico. As such, we have begun a stepwise approach to deliberately link together our college and university with those to our south – beginning with the obvious choice, Chihuahua, which, by the way, is as close to our campus as is Albuquerque.

I have met with university, government and business leaders in Chihuahua to discuss their vision for their communities. In most respects their visions look like ours and, in fact, include New Mexico as an important part of their success. Our strengths and goals as a college, as a community and as a culture in New Mexico match those of our friends and neighbors in Chihuahua.

We already have a strong group of ACES alumni in Chihuahua, many of whom are from families with multiple Aggie alumni. We are working closely with our alumni to re-establish our desire to keep them in the ACES Aggie family.
We have a number of collaborative activities underway with Chihuahua, including training in agricultural extension, cattle research, range management, and joint work on a number of horticultural issues. While members of the ACES team have been quite active in Chihuahua and elsewhere in Mexico, I have put a particular emphasis on matching up our core institutional competencies – the same ones we continue to hone for the benefit of New Mexicans – with the opportunities in Chihuahua and beyond.

I am personally interested in the opportunities that international engagement can bring to our college and our community. Within the past year we have launched an effort to establish an advocacy office for global initiatives within ACES. The office, directed by Rod McSherry, is focused on helping maximize the impact and benefit of our existing linkages with Mexico and find ways to expand activities in Mexico that support our mission as a college and university. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with Rod about ACES efforts in Mexico.

Thank you for your dedication to ACES and to NMSU!