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The SWCRS Rancher's Roundtable is a series of seminars designed as a roundtable discussion to provide information pertinent to all aspects of today's range beef operations. Every other month a new roundtable will be held to address upcoming management decisions and challenges. Experts will be on hand to introduce the month's topic and provide a brief overview, followed by a longer question and answer/discussion period.

The 2012 SWCRS Rancher's Roundtable was a success in that it drew 316 guests to 11 roundtables. Of these quests 76% were directly involved in livestock production, with the remaining 24% involved in finance, land management, research and media. The livestock managers that attended managed approximately 80,780 head of livestock and drove on average 96 miles to attend the program, therefore directly exhibiting their commitment to learning new ways to improve success in the industry.

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