Cow/Calf Herd Health

Herd health is an important program area for the ranch to maintain. Below is information regarding health as related to the Southwest rancher.

The CRLRC Health Management Strategy

Below are the CRLRC Yearly Health Schedules for cow, replacement heifers, bulls and calves. These are working documents have have changed each year in the last eight years. These are by no means a cure all to health problems in your herd. They are only available for reference because of requests from producers in the state. Our schedule has been built to fit into our working days to minimize labor and time, while increasing our risk management. They have been developed by our veterinarian's based on our needs and perceived risks of exposure. Please consult your veterinarian to insure that your program is the best fit for your scenario and that no complications arise. (Using a live or modified live viral vaccine has risks of pregnancy complications if not timed correctly during the first administration). Please feel free to contact the CRLRC if you have any questions about our program.

General Information

  • Preventing Persistent Infections
    of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in Beef Cow Herds. A great resource for understanding, identifying and eliminating PI-BVD cattle from your operations.
  • Subcutaneous Injection Knots
    We have all seen our cows and calves with unsightly knots on there necks from 7-way (blackleg) vaccination and many have tried to use this excuse for a lower price. A study has shown that these knots may indicate better immunity and resistance. (Aggie Notes Column, NMSU)
  • Bovine Tuberculosis
    A guide explaining TB, with preventative measures and explanation of the TB test. (NMSU CES Guide B-219, March 2005)