Weaning Range Beef Calves In the Southwest

The fall of the year is the most important period of the year financially for the Southwest rancher. Many decisions have to be made concerning the years calf crop and how to market, vaccinate, wean and ship these calves. Below are sources of information from the CRLRC, as well as, other sources.

Weaning Beef Calves

  • Minimizing Weaning Stress on Calves
    An excellent explanation of weaning stress and solutions to minimizing stress. Data from CRLRC fenceline weaning program. (NMSU CES Guide B-221, June 2008)
  • Preconditioning Beef Calves
    A superb explanation of preconditioning programs, value added calf programs and premiums, with a cost analysis and potential return on your investment. Includes data from the CRLRC weaning program study since 2002. (NMSU CES Circular C-637, October 2008)

General Information

  • Early Weaning Beef Calves
    A great resource for making the decision to early wean during times of drought to help the cow herd regain body condition. (NMSU CES Guide B-126, April 2005)