Hatch/Capacity Project Development

Funds appropriated under the Hatch Act are to be used to conduct original research contributing to the agricultural industry in the United States. Projects are usually 5-year research plans with significant and attainable impacts that contribute to the overall mission of NMSU ACES and USDA-NIFA.

Prior to developing a Hatch project, project directors should work with their department head (s) in the research planning process.

Project directors (also known as Project Investigator, PI) of both capacity and competitive projects are required to enter and submit project data to NIFA.

A NIFA capacity funded project is any agricultural research project which is supported by dollars from one of the following five programs:

  • Hatch (1862 LGUs only)
  • Hatch Multistate (1862 LGUs only)
  • Evans-Allen (1890 LGUs only)
  • McIntire-Stennis
  • Animal Health
  • Renewable Resources Extension

*Please keep in mind that Multistate projects need to be maintained in REEport and NIMSS. The two systems do not link together and approval and reporting need to be completed in both systems.* 

Who Needs a Hatch Project?

It is recommended that all AES faculty have an active project; unless determined otherwise by their department head and/or AES Director.

Primary Contacts

For system support or questions about reporting please contact the AES Program Manager. For approval and/or content related questions, please contact your department head and AES Associate Director.

Regular Hatch Projects and Grants:

Claire Montoya, Program Manager, Agricultural Experiment Station, ccortner@nmsu.edu

  • REEport Point of Contact
  • NIFA Project Initiation and Annual Reporting

Multistate Hatch Projects:

Steve Loring, Associate Director, Agricultural Experiment Station, sloring@nmsu.edu

  • Team Project Building
  • Project Development and Review


Project Development Process

*For Multi-state projects that have been approved, please provide information directly to AES Associate Director, Steve Loring (sloring@nmsu.edu) and AES Program Manager, Claire Montoya (ccortner@nmsu.edu) No proposal is required.

Project Initiation

NIFA projects are considered active only after submission and approval via a REEport Project Initiation. Approval should first come from your department head before initiating a project in the REEport system. Please contact Claire Montoya (ccortner@nmsu.edu) for questions or assistance. Click here to access the USDA-NIFA REEport portal.

*For a more comprehensive guide please click the attached NIFA REEport PDF link: https://nifa.usda.gov/sites/default/files/resource/REEport-Guide-for-Project-Directors-20190827.pdf

Annual Progress Report

Annual reports are due by March 1 for each reporting year of the project. 

Final Report

Due by March 1 in the fiscal year following the project’s end date.

The Final Report may also be submitted at any time during the life of the project in order to terminate that project. However, it is important to note that the system will only accept the submission of the Final Report if the date of submission is within 90 days prior to the current end date listed on the active project.

*If a project director wishes to submit a Final Report earlier than 90 days prior to the end date of the project, then they must submit a “Project Change” to change the end date of the project so that the proper 90-day window is created in relation to the day they want to submit the Final Report.

Finals reports ar required in order to have future projects within REEport initiated. 

In the event a project director retires or leaves NMSU prior to the scheduled project end date, it is important that the PD and/or department head submit all information possible for the project. A "Project Change" can be submitted to inform NIFA the project has a new end date and the project can be terminated. Please contact the REEport Site Administrator Claire Montoya, ccortner@nmsu.edu, for questions or assistance.