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After almost a decade of supporting NMSU students going abroad, we say goodbye to Dr. Gary Lowe. Building this program from the ground up, helping students to find a passion outside of the classroom in an international experience. To see and hear more, check out the Cheers Dr. Lowe Video! Thank you Gary for all of your work. You will be missed.

Photo of Dr. Gary Lowe

World Student Alliance Wins Acumen Fund Contest
NMSU World Student Alliance, the student organization affiliated with Aggies Go Global, is launching a project to discuss international development and connect with students in East Africa using The Blue Sweater.

Progress Continues in 2010 and 2011
Owen Cortner, AGG Student Representative

2010 was a crucial year for Aggies Go Global, and the program has solidified itself as an important part of the Office of Study Abroad at NMSU International Programs. More students traveled around the world to places like Nicaragua, Rwanda and Jordan and brought back a wealth of experience and new perspectives to southern New Mexico. These ambitious scholars left good will and a network of future contacts in their host countries in order to continue a virtuous cycle of international relations for the university. As we start the new year, two students have departed for Argentina to take on separate projects in cattle operations and land-use monitoring.

AGG looks forward to another year serving the students of New Mexico State University as well as the broader community through specialized international opportunities. ¡Buen viaje!

$10,000 Raised in AGG Support
Mark Gladden, AGG Fund Raising Coordinator

AGG, IRI and HRTM joined forces to host the first-ever AGG Annual Scholarship Banquet on Thursday, October 29th. The event was held at NMSU's Fulton Center where wine connoisseurs were treated to a truly delightful experience when representatives from the three major Southern New Mexico wineries conducted a wine tasting session followed by a five-star meal prepared by Chef Maurice Zeck and students of NMSU's school of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (HRTM). Professor Jolie Tixier's HRTM 443, Meetings, Conventions and Special Events class helped organize both the event and the highly successful 25-Item Fine Wine, Travel & Artwork Silent Auction. The event raised over $10,000 in AGG scholarship support and established a strong relationship between HRTM students and the Wine Academy of Roma, Italy.