Asian Medicinal Herb Growers' Survey

Medicinal herbs growing at NMSUs Sustainable Agriculture Science Center at Alcalde.

Please answer the following survey before proceeding to the training. Please fill in the most appropriate response.

Answers will be kept confidential.

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  1. What is the most appropriate description for yourself? (prioritize if more than one description fits)

    Priority Description       Priority Description

    Commerical grower/market gardener       Gardener/hobbyist
    Herbalist       Herb products manufacturer
    Health care professional       Retail/marketer
    Community/economic developer       Other (please specify):

  2.  Location of your farm or herb enterprise:   County  

    Nearest town or post office:   

  3. In what USDA Growing Zone is your farm?   Zone      USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

  4.  What is the Soil pH of your farm?  if known  

  5.  What is the elevation of your farm?  

  6.  What is the annual precipitation in your area?  

  7. What is the total size of your operation (farm or garden) in acres? (approximate)  

  8.  How much of your farm's acreage is in herbs?  

  9.  Please list the herbs and amount (area or yield) you are currently growing:

  10.  What percent (approximately) of your farm/business income is derived from herbs or herb products?    

  11.  What is your dollar amount of sales of herbs or herb products annually?  $

  12.  How do you market your herbs or herb products? (prioritize if more than one applies)

    Priority Description       Priority Description

    Wholesale to local or in-state buyers       Farmers' markets
    Wholesale to out-of-state buyers       Retail outlets
    Internet/mail order       Other (please specify):

Risk Management Education Grant # RME-D6W02687 Contact Agreement
I, the undersigned, hereby agree to provide personal contact information for the purposes of being contacted by the director or co-director of the NMSU Asian Medicinal Herbs Production and Marketing Training program as part of outcome determination in partial fulfillment of the Western RME grant requirements. The contact information will be held confidential and will be used solely by the designated persons exclusively for the purposes specified in this agreement.

I also hereby agree to be contacted within three to six months following the training session by either the project director or co-director for the purpose of answering questions pertaining to information retention, application, follow-up and outcome determination as a result of participation in the training program.
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