ACES Branding Guidelines

As a land grant University, it is very important for NMSU to portray ACES as a unified college; thus, it is necessary for us to use ACES unified branding.

NOTE: The color mosaics/branding bars are no longer a part of the NMSU branding, so please DO NOT include them in your promotional materials.

The ACES logo setups were developed to help ACES faculty and staff with their promotional materials needs. There are several options available for use: college level, county offices, academic and Extension departments, and Agricultural Science Centers. You are welcome to use whichever option you would like on your brochures, flyers, posters, tablecloths, and other promotional materials.

Here are a few examples of how you can use these logo setups:

Ilustrations of various way to use the ACES logo setups on flyers and posters.

Ilustrations of how to use an ACES logo setup on a brochure.

Below is an example of how the ACES logo setup can be used on a tablecloth. The vendor will be able to use the EPS format version of the setup of your choice to produce this. Using white text and the white logo set up is also acceptable.

An illustration of a tablecloth with an ACES logo setup for the Department of Extension Family and Consumer Sciences printed on it.

NMSU Logo Policy

It is extremely important for all NMSU entities to project a single, readily identifiable image of excellence to the public. Our logo is the common thread throughout all university digital and print communications and establishes credibility immediately.

We therefore have very specific guidelines on how the NMSU logo should be used, when it is appropriate to co-brand, and when a theme logo can be incorporated. Guidelines are available at and under Administrative Rule 2.80 in the Administrative Rules and Procedures of NMSU.

Theme logos: When planning an NMSU special event (e.g. Homecoming) that may involve a theme logo in addition to the official NMSU logo, the special event planners should coordinate with Marketing and Communications for approval of a limited-use, special event logo. It is not otherwise appropriate for NMSU programs and departments to identify themselves using a specific graphic or logo other than the official NMSU logo.

The advisory logo committee: If any NMSU entity would like to co-brand with another institution or organization, or would like to adopt a theme logo for limited use, please email your request to the logo advisory committee at The committee provides assistance and advice regarding the proposed use of the official NMSU logo and/or other protected trademarks.

Publishing and Graphic Design

If you are new to designing or developing promotional materials, we encourage you to visit our Publishing Tips webpage for graphic design and technical tips:

We recommend the webinar entitled "Essential Graphics / Design Concepts for Non-Designers" to get you started. It explains a lot of the fundamentals needed to develop good-quality print materials. Link to PDF of slides for the webinar:

We plan to adapt some of these templates to ACES soon, but you are welcome to download and use any of these templates to build your promotional materials: