C and C DuVall Ranches

C & C DuVall Ranches
DuVall Family

Caleb and Chanelle DuVall
Lamar, TX
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C and C DuVall Ranches is located in Southeastern Colorado. We started our registered Red Angus herd in 2014. Before that, we raised a commercial, crossbred cow herd since 2008 and sold out to get into the registered cow business. We currently have a growing herd of 40 registered Red Angus cows. We are looking to produce top quality bulls and replacement females. Family has been a large part in growing our cattle. Caleb got his start on DuVall Ranches working and learning how to farm and ranch from multiple generations. The DuValls once had registered Polled Herefords, but now run a large commercial herd and operate a dryland farming operation south of Granada, Colorado. Chanelle’s family raises both registered and commercial cattle. They spread from Arizona to Oklahoma. Her father, John Sutphin, III of Sutphin Cattle Company, helped the DuValls begin their registered business with a set of 10 Red Angus heifers