Community Development Training For Agents

Powerpoint Presentations (PDF)

  • Community Demographics
    Presented by Don Albrecht. An overview of some key demographic shifts taking place in the US, the Western Region and New Mexico. An interactive exercise to get you thinking about how shifting demographics play into our community work.
  • How Groups Function
    Presented by Deborah Tootle. The exploration of working effectively with groups. We'll learn about some facilitation tools and then practice what we've learned.
  • Understanding Community Power Dynamics
    Presented by Mary Peabody. Take a look at how power is distributed within communities and explore our role in creating welcoming and open opportunities. Knowing the visible and the "behind the scenes" leaders in a community is crucial to any effort by a group to promote and advance key community development activities. We'll explore the important layers of leadership in your community and the straightforward manner for identifying the various leadership roles that individuals play.
  • Community Situational Analysis
    Presented by Mary Peabody. Every community has challenges that impede its ability to become stronger and more vibrant. But, taking the time to truly understand the mix of issues impacting the well-being of a community is crucial. Together we'll explore a systematic, step by step, process for uncovering high priority issues and taking action on these concerns.
  • Community Development Process
    Presented by Deborah Tootle. Definition of community development and its role as a process for addressing change in the community.

County Statistics

Demographic Data

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