Mission, Goals, and Services

Our Mission

Promote and support the economic and community development of New Mexico's diverse communities.

Our Goals

Provide NMSU-CES county extension agents and local community leaders with research-based knowledge and information, education programs,and professional development training to grow and empower communities, develop entrepreneurs, build and promote leaders, and enhance human and social capital.

Our Services

  • Provide professional development training in community economic development "best practices;"
  • Provide professional development training and technical assistance to meet specific community economic development goals;
  • Help develop a local community economic development team;
  • Conduct community economic development assessments;
  • Develop and implement community economic development strategic plans;
  • Develop an understanding of a community's economic development opportunities and challenges through
    • Economic base analysis,
    • Economic and fiscal impact analyses,
    • Demographic analysis,
    • Business and industry analysis,
    • Workforce and manpower training analysis, and
    • Human and social capital development;
  • Facilitate local community access to public (federal and state), private (investors and foundations), and non-profit organization programs and resources.