Program Areas

NMSU Community Resources and Economic Development programming falls under the following program areas:

Strategic Planning

The program for Strategic Planning provides technical assistance in strategic planning for economic development in communities throughout New Mexico. NMSU-CES can provide assistance in initial visioning and strategic planning as well as implementing strategies. It also provides assistance in providing tools to help a community implement its strategic plan: Asset mapping, Community Assessment, Data Analysis, and Community Surveys.


The objective of the Entrepreneurship program is to help create an environment that facilitates viable rural entrepreneurship through an integrated extension and education program. The program seeks to develop resources to enhance the skills of and tools available for economic development practitioners to promote entrepreneurship; to help ensure a steady supply of entrepreneurs in communities; and to enhance support services for entrepreneurs.

  • Business Retention & Expansion Strategies

Small Farms

The Small Farms program supports the emerging area of small farm entrepreneurship and value-added systems in New Mexico. It looks for opportunities for adding value to farm commodities, including organic and specialty markets, direct marketing, community supported agriculture and agri-tourism.

Civic Engagement & Leadership

The Civic Engagement & Leadership program area is based on the assumption that civic and social organizations in New Mexico are in many ways the backbone of civic life in our communities. Civic engagement or social capital is a resource that can facilitate economic and community development activities in a community, leading to high levels of economic development. Participation in social and civic activities such as community group meetings, PTAs, neighborhood watch groups, and faith-based organizations produces social capital.

Rural Education

The objective of the Rural Education program is to improve local educational attainment that can enhance the economic well-being of rural residents and communities. It collaborates with the Rural Education Program and supports their programming areas such as strengthening relationships among schools, families, and communities.

Local Government Finance

The Local Government Finance program assists local governments in becoming more responsive and better able to meet the needs of citizens. It offers training and education to counties, cities, and towns throughout New Mexico.

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