NMSU Extension Dairy Program


Provide information, technology and sound science to and regarding the dairy industry in New Mexico.


Ensure long term sustainability of the dairy industry in New Mexico. The Extension Dairy program provides New Mexico dairy farmers with sound scientific information related to production, management and regulatory matters, besides being a tool for public stakeholders providing factual information regarding dairy farming in New Mexico.

A recently completed study indicates that the #9 nationally ranked dairy industry has an economic impact of $1.5B annually, and creates directly in excess of 12,500 good paying jobs in New Mexico and about 20,000 jobs total. This means that every one of the current 150 or so dairies contributes approximately $10M to the local economy, and in doing so provides 8.2 jobs directly on a dairy and 13.3 jobs in the expanded economy because the farms require additional products and services.

New Mexico farms produce some of the highest level of production of high quality dairy products in the nation, a great story of healthy cows, resource utilization and sustainability, all because dairy cows love the dry climate of the southwest making New Mexico arguably one of the best locations in the country to produce high quality dairy products!