Beef Jerky Accessibility Review

The Safe Preparation of Beef Jerky is an interactive web-based application developed to promote food safety awareness when handling beef jerky. The module is a basic point-and-click interactive that lets the user progress through alternate ways to prepare beef jerky. It expresses the importance of food safety and kitchen cleanliness by tasking the player to perform activities that show how to wash hands and clean the kitchen equipment properly. It demonstrates how to avoid cross-contamination issues by tasking players to participate in various mini games with a focus on bacteria growth prevention. The module dates from 2011, and the application has audio compatibility issues with PCs that have onboard HD audio sound cards. However, this module is very cognizant of accessibility for those who have hearing or physical impairments. The module's text box, or closed-captioned feature, clearly identifies the speaker and allows the player to complete the game without sound. The game also does not demand button mashing or precision.