Food Labeling

This is a fee based service depending on the complexity of the product. The recipe or product formulation is entered into a product development labeling software. This software then generates a graphic of the nutritional information.

  • UPC- Universal Product Code - If your product needs a U.P.C., then go to GS1-US Info.

The first step to placing a Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) on your product is completing a membership application. Members receive a unique licensed number to create U.P.C.'s and other GS1 Identification Numbers, plus many exclusive tools and resources.

By becoming a member, you join over 1 million companies who use GS1 standards to conduct business efficiently with their customers around the world.

For over 30 years, GS1 US has helped companies of every size and industry use the U.P.C., other industry standard bar codes, and Electronic Commerce. This is the only company that sells original bar code numbers.