NMSU Windmill Technology Certification Workshop

NMSU is continuing the heritage of helping preserve the tool that tamed the West.

Since 1975 the NMSU Windpower Technology Center has offered training to wind-millers from the novice to the expert in:

  • Conventional Windmill Designs and Applications
  • Windmill safety
  • Selection, siting, and set up
  • Mill restoration
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Wellhead and groundwater protection

The Windpower Technology Center at NMSU is getting a fresh look. With the generous help of industry, former students, and other supporters and enthusiasts of water pumping windmills, the Center is being expanded. Planned upgrades include new towers and mills, wind pumped drip irrigated landscaping, paths & landscaping, improved training stations, additional training models, and wellhead protection measures.

Past students of the Windmill Technology workshop have come from diverse backgrounds. A single class will often include ranchers, professional millers, Tribal range managers, bohemians, and traditional college students. Whether they attend to learn the mechanics of windmills, or simply to satisfy their interest, these new upgrades will help NMSU carry on the tradition in windmill technology training.

For information on the next Windmill Technology course contact:

Dr. Carlos Rosencrans, Associate Professor

Phone: 575-649-7946

Email: crosencr@nmsu.edu