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Identifying Common Shrub Problems #1

  • Aphids, Webworms, Mesquite Bush, Bird of Paradise, Mexican sage
Identifying Common Tree Problems #2

  • Fertilizer spike, cracked bark, split branch, pear slug, caterpillar, insecticide, wood ashes, tree treatment, Idaho locust
Building a Bio-Intensive Garden #3

  • Bio-intensive gardening, closed system, soil health, soil test, retention of moisture, fan watering, drip system, hexagonal spacing method
Identifying Pests On Your Plants and Trees #4

  • Crape Myrtle, Leaf Cutter Bee, Euonymus heat scorch, Spanish Broom, caterpillars, Ash tree scale, Aphids and Whiteflies, Airified Mite
Choosing the Right Sage For Your Garden #5

  • Texas Ranger, soft wood cutting, Green Cloud, Scarlet Sage, Salvia, Mexican Sage, herbal sages
Identifying Problems with Trees and Plants #6

  • Native plant society, tomato plant defoliated, tomato horn worm, Pecan leaves yellow spotching, Black Pecan Aphid, Powdery mildew on Lilac, Caterpiller on Texas Mountain Laurel
Identifying Garden Pests on Plants & Shrubs #7

  • Shrubby Senna, desert plants, summer bloom, shrub, Salvia, Spittle Bug, Aphid, organic control, powdery mildew, Aphid, Whitefly, Ash, Codling Moth, chemical insecticide, Cochineal Scale, Prickly Pear
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #8

  • Wisteria, not blooming, reproductive stage, root pruning, iron deficiency, Leaf Cutter Bee, Bouganvia, browning in center, Dianthus, Artemesia, pinching, tipping, strawberries, time to replant
Identifying Problems With Roses, Fruit & Trees #9

  • Fireblight, bacterial disease, pear, disinfect pruning tools, Ash, Bark Beetle, dieback, Crape Myrtle, powdery mildew, iron fertilizer
Identifying Problems With Plants & Vegetables #10

  • Gummosis, bacterial disease, nutrient uptake, micronutrient fertilizer, bacteria spread, tomato mottling, viral infection, Tobacco Mosaic Virus Resistant, VFNT, pale yellow new growth, iron deficiency, cactus garden, overwater
Identifying Problems With Garden Plants & Vegetables #11

  • Tomato cracking, heat related cracks, soft rot, heat scorch, 3 leaf Sumac, nodules, nipple gall, grape leaf hopper, organic control, harvest grapes
Identifying Problems With Trees & Vegetable Plants #12

  • Chitalpa, insect induced rapid growth, Desert Willow, yellow squash, when to pick, Butternut Squash, picked too soon, depth of planting, Curly Top virus, nutrient imbalance
Choosing Pansies, Chrysanthemums & Asters #13

  • Pansies, Viola, Johnny Jump-Up, Dancing Bear, giant pansies, Albuquerque, fertilizer, organic matter, amended soil, Chrysanthemums, landscaping, garden mums, cut back, Perennial Aster
Identifying Insects In Your Trees #14

  • Clearwing Borer, Ash tree, sap oozing, moth, Fall Webworms, Bagworms, Black Widow spider, Brown Recluse
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #15

  • Weedy plants, Virginia Creeper, Vinca Major, St. John's Wort, weed trees, Ailanthus, Tree of Heaven, Elm, Nutsedge, Bindweed, Spurge, Silverleaf Nightshade, poisonous, prickles
Identifying Problems With Vegetable Plants #16

  • Squash leaf, powder mildew, Blossom End Rot, calcium deficiency, sun scald, uneven watering, saving seeds, hybrid
Choosing The Right Pumpkin Variety To Grow #17

  • Pumpkin variety trial, commercial farmers, 4H, high yielding hybrids, Magic Lantern, Merlin, Appalachian, powdery mildew, squash bugs
Using Chickens To Control Garden Pests #18

  • Integrated pest management, IPM, squash bug, aphid, tomato hornworm, cabbage loppers, sucking insects, infestation, disease control, weed control
Choosing The Right Cherry Tomato For Your Garden #19

  • Sungold Hybrid, Sweet Chelsea, Sunsugar, Extra Sweet Sun Cherry, Juliet, patio variety, Early Goliath, Floragold, Micro Tom, Tiny Tim, Early Girl
How Terry Peterson Built His Native Plant & Cactus Gardens #20

  • Xeriscaping, ornamental grass, Sideoats Grama, Rubber Rabbit Brush, Chocolate Flower, raised cactus bed, Hedgehog, Doña Ana Cactus, Mammolaria Candida, Steno Cactus, Echinopsis, Paper Flower, Blackfoot Daisy, Purple Verbena
Identifying Problems With Flowers & Vegetable Plants #21

  • Pittisporum, Cottony Cushion Scale, root rot, Root Knot Nematode, organic nematicide, Gladoila, soil insects, soil disease, Wireworms, grubworms, Fusarium, snap beans
Identifying Problems With Plants & Ant Killer #22

  • Chitalpa, Mexican Elder, xeriscape, Desert Willow, ants, Amdro, fire ants, ant species, insecticide Silverleaf Nightshade, Solinace family, Lariape, transplant, segment plants, Chitalpa, Mexican Elder, Desert Willow, Amdro
Identifying Garden Pests On Your Plants & Shrubs #23

  • Spittlebug, rosemary, cooking, Spanish Broom, Cottony Cushion Scale, sucking insect, English Ivy, sun exposure, Oleander, aphid, lacewing
Identifying Problems With Plants & Trees #24

  • Rubber plant, drainage problem, potted plants, browning, leaf drop, poor drainage, pomegranate, undeveloped fruit, white dots, white fly, Petunia, army worm, aphid, mite damage, stickiness, Lepidopterous, caterpillar, peach tree, thinning, shot hole virus, prunus
Identifying Problems With Fruit And Vegetable Plants #25

  • Bradford pear, ornamental pear, stinkbug, blister mite, brown spots, bolt resistant, tomato, waterwalls, green tomato, cracking, vertical crack, horizontal crack, heat crack, catface, ladybug pupil, edible artichoke
Identifying Problems With Vegetable Plants #26

  • Tomato Hornworm, Sphynx Moth, Mosaic Virus, Tobacco Mosaic, Curly Top Virus, Tomato Spotted Wilt, Chile Wilt, Root Rot, squash male flower, squash female flower
Identifying Problems With Trees And Plants #27

  • Day Lillies, Crepe Myrtle, deadheading, Iris, yellow patch, heat damage, plant sunburn, Yellow Breasted Sap Sucker, borer, bird borer, peeling bark, crabapple tree
Identifying Problems With Trees #28

  • Outlawed junipers, hayfever allergies, sidewalk planter, deicing salt, Spruce, Aster, Chrysanthemum, pruning, cut back, late bloom, Cottonwood tree, Petiole Leaf Gall Aphid
Identifying Pest Problems With Trees #29

  • Chitalpa tree, root problem, watering, desert willow, leaf diseases, leaf spotting, circling roots, Mulberry tree, shallow roots, Cottonwood tree, Cottonwood borer, Asian Longhorn beetle
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #30

  • 4 o'clock plant, weevil, aster, leafcutter bee, eaten leaves, leaf damage, Solanum dulcamara, Matrimony vine, potato vine, training vines, Grecian Silk Vine, milkweed, sap, privacy vines, deciduous, powdery mildew, night watering, sweet pea vine, grapevine
How A Garden Soil Sample Is Analyzed #31

  • Soil samples, analyze soil, macronutrients, titration method, micronutrients, salt, sodium, soil paste, dissolved minerals, Soil Water and Air Testing Lab
Building A Shaded Vegetable Garden #32

  • Sun scald, hail protection, harvesting, garden temperature, insect deterrent, frost pattern, growing season, transplants, 33% shade, okra, corn, chile
How Katherine Neely Built Her Garden #33

  • Tree problems, gas leak, Mexican Elder, lack of oxygen, Indian Hawthorne, foliage burn, gas lines
Identifying Tree Damage From A Natural Gas Leak #34

  • Tree problems, gas leak, Mexican Elder, lack of oxygen, Indian Hawthorne, foliage burn, gas lines
Identifying Common Tree Problems #35

  • Watering, planters, Mexican Elder, dormancy, leaf burn, deadwood, pruning, overwatering, internal rot, mushroom
Choosing Plants For Xeriscape Garden Part 2 #36

  • Blue avena, xeriscape, Cherry Sage, Salvia, Autumn Stage, hummingbirds, Red Yucca, Desert Willow, Mountain Mahogany, low water, Bird of Paradise, arid land plant, toxic beans, Chitalpa, Lavender, irrigation, bumblebees, honeybees, Soap Tree Yucca
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #37

  • Rhubarb, sandy soil, raised bed, Peace Lily, dry air, drainage, sand garden, top dress, compost, Boston Fern, runners, storage organs, root circling, tree quality
Identifying And Control Problems With Trees #38

  • Manzanita, exfoliating bark, aerial roots, airified mites, irregular growth, transplant, Red Bud, leaf holes, leaf discoloration, Mexican Red Bud, leaf burn, wind damage, woody pith, shot hole virus, Viburnum, leaf curl aphids, thrips, Mexican Buckeye, toxin, propagation, cactus leaf, prickly pear
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #39

  • Hollow stem, Texas Honey Mesquite, mesquite twig borer, insect problem, Japanese Maple, dry leaves, soil salt, understory plant, Magnolia, alkaline soil, acidic soil, nutrient stress, chlorosis, micronutrient deficiency, nutrient fertilizer, watering, bud grafts, stem cutting, hard wood cutting, Russin Olive, European Olive, freeze damage
Identifying Problems with Plants & Shrubs #40

  • Caterpillar, Douglas Fir Tussock Moth, Blue Spruce, Piñon Juniper woodlands, wind blown larvae, egg mass, BT, Bacillus thuringiensis, contact insecticide, top killing, spruce tree damage, bark beetle, ponderosa pine, Ips bark beetle, exit holes, twig beetle, blue stain fungus, xylem
Planting Beans, And Problems With Royal Gala Apple Tree #41

  • Soaking beans, Scarlet Runner bean, hummingbirds, bush bean, runner bean, pole bean, bean varieties, growing beans, roma bean, blue lake, French bean, snap beans, Royal Gala apple tree, apple worm, cottled moth, powdery mildew fungus, Apple tree
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #42

  • Bark discoloration, southwest injury, paint trunks white, winter scalding, pruning cut, Ash tree, Goldn RainTree, Box elderbug, spider mite, juniper, twig death, miticide, biological control
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #43

  • Euonymus bush, Japonica, powdery mildew, fungicide, holly, iron deficiency, micronutrient fertilizer, alkaline soil, dead tips, pine tip moth, ladybug
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #44

  • Planting depth, angled planting, adventitious roots, cage planting, Oleander, winter damage, aphids, insecticidal soap, silverberry shrub
Identifying Problems With Plants & Shrubs #45

  • Ground covering, spreading juniper, Magnolia, micronutrients, evergreen shrub, Japonica, yellow leaves, water stress, Hollyhock, nutrient deficiency, stunted growth, aphids, nematode, Bradford pear, blister mite
Choosing Plants For Xeriscape Garden #46

  • Mountain, Penstemon, Pineleaf Penstemon, Moonshine Yarrow, Three-leaf Sumac, deciduous shrub, Bush Penstemon, xeriscape garden, paperflower, Cliff Rose, flowering shrub, Firewheel, Indian Blanket, Rocky Mountain Zinnia, ground cover, Penstemon, Pineleaf Penstemon, Moonshine Yarrow, Three-leaf Sumac, deciduous shrub
Using The Narrowleaf Penstemon In Your Garden #47

  • Penstemon, honeybees, pollination, parasitic flies, bumblebees, wasps, butterflies, moths, swallowtails, painted ladies, water conservation, drought tolerant, native plant
Choosing High-Elevation Plants #48

  • High elevation, high water zone, blue salvia, flowering tobacco, miniature tea roses, begonia, alyssum, moderate water use zone, creeping juniper, rockspray cotoneaster, spruce, red yucca, potentilla, lilac, photinia, honeysuckle, white spirea, Apache plume, new mexico olive, pampass grass Russian sage, silver berry, wisteria, western wheatgrass, blue grama, sideoats grama
Identifying And Control Common Lawn Weeds #49

  • Weed control, Nutsage, Nutgrass, triangular stem, Jungle Rice, annual grassy weed, Pigweed, fuzzy seed, annual, broadleaf weed killer, Russian Thistle, tumbleweed, Kochia, woody stalk, weedkiller, MSMA, trimec, total vegetation killer, Triox
How To Keep Your Tree From Dying #50

  • Varieties of trees, Littleleaf Linden, Ginko, Desert Willow, Chitalpa, Mountain Ash, Mimosa or Silk Tree
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Videos 51 - 100

Choosing The Right Tree For New Mexico Gardens #51

  • Doña Ana county, Albuquerque, Montgomery Park, Varieties of trees, Littleleaf Linden, Ginko, Desert Willow, Chitalpa, Mountain Ash, Mimosa or Silk Tree, Map of trees at park management office , Varieties of trees, Littleleaf Linden, Ginko, Desert Willow, Chitalpa, Mountain Ash, Mimosa or Silk Tree
Preparing Garden Soil Sample For Analysis #52

  • Soil scientist, soil sample, field test, lawn sample, calcium carbonate, alkaline, ph, hydrometer, soil test kit, county extension office
Identifying Common Shrub & Tree Diseases #53

  • Powdery mildew, japonica, spore infection, chemical control, ornamental fungicide
Identifying And Control The Pine Tip Moth #54

  • Nantucket pine tip moth, tip moth, ornamental pines, parasitic wasp, natural control, round pine trees, multiple main stems, pheremones, sticky trap, Afghan pine, ponderosa pine, scotch pine, piñon pine, Austrian pine, Japanese back pine, Limber pine, southwestern white pine, bristle cone pine
Picking Plants And Trees at A Nursery #55

  • Tight buds, insect damage, aphid, snail, slug, root system, plant tags, phosphorus deficiency, leaf hopper, white roots, AAS, all American selection, VFI & 2, verticillium/ fusurium wilt resistant strains 1 & 2, N, nematode resistant, tobacco mosaic resistant, disease resistant, bud union, dog leg
How A Micro-Climate Works #56

  • New Mexico State University, Southwest Yard & Garden, Gardening, plants, Curtis Smith, Rick Daniell, Doña Ana County Master Gardener, southern New Mexico, Las Cruces, Doña Ana county, Pistachio tree, Alamogordo, micro-climate, winter, wind protection, Almond tree, Albuquerque, home gardener, male and female tree, Pistachio tree, micro-climate, wind protection, Almond tree, male and female tree
Picking Out An Ornamental Grass For Landscape #57

  • Ornamental grass, ricegrass, bunch grass, cool season grass, Little Bluestem, Giant Sacaton, windbreak, low water use
Picking Out A Garden Pesticide #58

  • Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, toxicity, grade, organic, label information, first aid, childproof, concentration
How To Dispose Of Leftover Lawn Chemicals #59

  • New Mexico State University, Southwest Yard & Garden, Gardening, plants, Curtis Smith, Frank Holguin, Doña Ana County Master Gardener, southern New Mexico, Las Cruces, Doña Ana county, Valencia County, chemical disposal, food grade container, rinse water, use leftover
How To Propagate Raspberries And Blackberries #60

  • Propagation, raspberries, blackberries, rooted cutting, root stimulator, phosphorus hedge row, suckers, prina cane, flora cane, winter kill, everbearing raspberries, trellace training
How To Add Zinc To Pecan Trees #61

  • Pecan, tree, zinc, zinc spray, micronutrient, foliar spray, sprayer bottle, NZN, bud break, fertilizer, pollination, nitrogen, drip line
Identifying Pecan Problems #62

  • Webworms, biological control, DiPel, aphids, Black Pecan Aphid, Yellow Pecan Aphid, pupil case, Pecan Nut Casebearer, diseased pecans, Wichita, Western Slide
Identifying The Pecan Aphid #63

  • Sticky drops, pecan aphid, Black Pecan Aphid, brown spots, piercing sucking mouthparts, vascular system, winged aphids, green lacewing, beneficial insects
Patch Budding Pecans #64

  • Patch budding pecans, pecan varieties, branch cutting, bud stick, budding tape, patch bud
How To Fertilize Bermuda Grass Lawns #65

  • Bermuda grass, grass density, complete fertilizer, fertilizer bag info, macronutrient, soil test, drought resistance, fertilizer application, drop spreader, cyclone spreader
How To Mow Your Lawn #66

  • Reel type mower, manual mower, rotary mower, lawn clippings, mowing height, hybrid Bermuda grass, side discharge, scalp area
How To Treat For Lawn Grubs #67

  • Bosque Farms, lawn grubs, white grubs, Dursban, Oftenal, or Diazion, may beetle, june beetle, grub species, Japanese beetle, milky spore disease, green june beetle
How To Fertilize Your Fall Lawn #68

  • Fall lawn care, Bermuda, winter kill, warm season grass, root growth, top growth, mowing, mowing height, hybrid Bermuda, cool season grass, watering, soil moisture
How To Test Lawn Irrigation Systems #69

  • Lawn grass, lawn care, irrigation systems, can test, water uniformity, soil moisture, moisture test, root zone
How To Program Lawn Irrigation Controllers #70

  • Irrigation control, battery backup system, irrigation system, lawn care, programming controller, automatic systems
How To Install Lawn Irrigation Systems #71

  • Irrigation control, watering, irrigation system, lawn care, digital controller, AB program, zone, backflow preventer, atmospheric vacuum breaker, AVB, chemical contaminant, drip, 4 inch popup
Using Micro-Misters For Drip Irrigation Systems #72

  • Irrigation control, watering, irrigation system, drip irrigation, high water zone, micro mister system, potted plant system, purple fountain grass, verbena, flag emitter, plant establishment, valve box, code requirements
How To Apply Drip Irrigation Systems #73

  • Irrigation control, watering, irrigation system, lawn care, drip irrigation, sub surface drip, vegetable garden, turf irrigation, pressure regulator, emitter, coiled poly pipe, multi-outlet emitter, installation, run time, gallons per hour
Building A Drip Irrigation System #74

  • Irrigation control, watering, irrigation system, lawn care, drip irrigation, root zone, water conservation, zone valve, manual valve, electric valve, pressure tester, multiple emitter, spray head, poly pipe, goof plug, insert fitting, compression adapter T, flush end cap
Identifying Insects In Your Garden #75

  • Native insects, invasive insects, spiders, praying mantis egg case, wood boring insects, corrective pruningafghan pine, juniper, male cone, female cone, sticky leaves, aphids, honeydew, ladybird beetle, ladybug, beneficial insect
Using Beneficial Insects In Your Garden #76

  • Nematode, bacteria, fungi, pesticide reduction, aphids, bollworm, pecan nut casebearer, rose aphids, Asian Lady Beetle, pecan aphid, Trichograma, Trashback Lacewing
How To Deal With Bees #77

  • Honeybees, Africanized honeybees, hive, feral colony, wax comb, swarm, bee attack
Planting Orchids #78

  • Dendrobian, orchid grower society, Las Cruces Orchid Society, microclimate, spider mites, bark mixture
How To Divide And Re-Plant Irises #79

  • Iris, pansies, tulip, narcissus, hyacinth, divide iris, main tuber, rhizome, planting depth
How To Dry Fruit #80

  • Dehydrated food, oxidization, apples, apricots, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, antioxidant, melons, cherries
How To Dry and Freeze Vegetables and Herbs #81

  • Dried herbs, dehydrated food, basil, oregano, thyme, tarragon, parsley, sage, fly repellant, freezer burn, jalapeño, tomato, sun dried tomato, Roma tomato, cooperative extension office, guide E-320, guide E-321
How To Can Fruits and Vegetables #82

  • Canned food, pressure canner, food regulations, food poisoning, floating fruit, head space, botchalism, guide E-306, guide E-319, guide E-307
How To Start A Warm-Weather Garden #83

  • Bedding plants, soil temperature, tomato, herbs, basil, dill, cilantro, parsley, sage, soil moisture, bedding plants, root system, raised bed garden, drainage, organic matter, cedar
How To Re-Pot House Plants #84

  • Frost, potted plants, propagation, replanting, watering, Amaryllis, indoor plants
How To Divide and Re-Pot Onion and Herbs #85

  • Green onions, bunching onions, parsley, basil, oregano, chives, shallots, herbs
Using Potting Soils and Recycle Plastic Containers #86

  • Green onions, bunching onions, parsley, basil, oregano, chives, shallots, herbs
Using Plastic Row Covers & Wall Of Water For Plants #87

  • New Mexico State University, Southwest Yard & Garden, Gardening, plants, Curtis Smith, George Dickerson, Doña Ana County Master Gardener, southern New Mexico, Las Cruces, Doña Ana county, early garden, late freeze, frost, polyester, spunbond polypropylene, row cover, self ventilating, wire hoops, Joe Holdridge, wall of water
Creating A Fire Defensible Landscape Part 2 #88

  • Forest fire, fire defensible, gravel ground cover, moisture content, defensible space, piñon juniper, flammable vegetation, vegetation density, flying embers, asphalt roof, tile roof, fuel load, tree thinning, ladder fuel
Creating A Fire Defensible Landscape #89

  • Forest fire, fire defensible, tree thinning, access lanes, fire department, ground fire, ponderosa pine, defensible space, ladder fuel, fire dependent species, forest health, structure safety
How to Make Vermicompost #90

  • Vermicompost, red wigglers, manure worm, Acena Phadida, vermicomposting: Guide H-164
How To Make Compost #91

  • Compost, food scraps, landscape waste, organic waste, nitrogen fertilizer, horse manure, cow manure, aerobic process, composting process, humus, soil structure, aeration, vermicomposting
Caring For Weather Damaged Roses #92

  • Rose garden, powdery mildew, curling leaves, chemical control, sun scorch, brown leaves
How to Fertilize & Deadhead Roses #93

  • Rose garden, summer fertilization, deadheading, pruning, sprays, 5 leaflet leaf
Caring For Roses #94

  • Rose garden, flower thrift, flower damage, rasping mouth parts, brown tips, deadwood, winter damage, pruning, 5 leaflet leaf
How to Trim Rose Bushes #95

  • Rose garden, hybrid tea rose, pruning, deadwood, old wood, bud union, cane, bud
Choosing Fruit Trees #96

  • Fruit trees, stone fruits, mariposa plum, stella sweet cherry, branch angles, Elberta peach, scaffolds, Tilton apricot, bumper crop, almond prunus family, early bloomer, shade tree, peach diseases, Garden of Weeden
Identifying Fruit Tree Problems #97

  • Fruit trees, stone fruits, yellow leaf, chlorosis, micronutrient deficiency, iron, manganese, foliar spray, root system, soil treatment, pruning wound, bud union, grafted, tree variety, planting depth, branch angle, branch spacing
Pruning A Peach Tree & Trim Raspberry Plants #98

  • Fruit trees, stone fruits, peaches, pruning, sun scald, bark collar, undercut, swollen bark, raspberries, everbearing variety, blackberries, cane
Preparing Garden Soil For Planting #99

  • Home garden, potting soil, roto till, sharpshooter soil, double digging, topsoil, aerate soil, prepare soil, turn soil, roto tiller, rear tine tiller, front tine tiller
Choosing Vegetables For A Diabetic's Garden #100

  • Diabetes, carbohydrates, blood sugar, home garden, exercise, phytochemicals, heart disease, nutrition content, fresh produce, canned vegetables, Control your Diabetes for Life
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Videos 101 - 150

Choosing Colorful Flowers & Shrubs For The Garden #101

  • Rock rose, bowle's mauve, blue Salvia, Bank's rose, hybrid tea rose, Wooly Butterfly bush, chaparral sage, pruning, trimming, draining soil
Identifying Problems With The Peach Tree Borer #102

  • Borers, pupae, Peach tree, sap nodules, pesticide restrictions, microscopic worms, parasite
Creating Tomato Cages From Concrete Wire #103

  • Tomato cages, concrete wire cage, row cover material, curly top virus, tomato spotted wilt virus, spunbonded fabric
How To Add Color To The Garden With Perennials #104

  • Colorful landscape, low water, Ice plant, hearty plant, gopher plant, caustic, penstemon, spring bloomer, paper flower, desert marigold, new gold lantana, hot weather plant, white fly
Caring For Mexican Elder Tree #105

  • Windbreak tree, summer dormancy, semi evergreen, cold tolerant, deadwood, ornate bark
How To Check Irrigation Systems In The Spring #106

  • Winter watering schedule, irrigation system, flood bubbler, sprayhead, wall stain, foundation damage, drip lines, spring irrigation, sprinkler head, grade height, pop sprinkler
Caring For A Water Lily Garden #107

  • Water garden, freezing, water lilies, xeriscape, lily tabs, insecticidal spray, tropical floaters
Identifying Problems With Bermuda Grass, Pecan Shell Mulch & Rosemary Plants #108

  • Bermuda grass, warm soil temperature, sod, night temperature, pecan shell, mulch, tannic acid, tannin, organic matter, nitrogen fertilizer, rosemary, winter drought, freeze damage, square stems, henbit, cool season annual, broad leaf weed killer
How To Keep Up Your Garden in March & April #109

  • Chile, thinning, roto tilling, compost, turn soil, cool season, desert willow, globe willow, cuttings, grape, figs, pruning, fruit trees, shade trees
Choosing Warm Season Annuals For Your Garden #110

  • Warm season annuals, petunia, cold tolerant, ground cover, Alyssum, self seeder, Nasturtium, partial shade, color variety, Artemesia silver mound, dusty miller, soil preparation, floating row cover, frost blanket, spun material
Caring For Your Garden In March #111

  • Home garden, march, roses, aphids, insect problems, spider mites, neem, rose defense, rose food, thrips, fertilizer, fruit trees, fungicide, insecticide, cover spray, diseases, Diazinon, Malathion, organic, 75% petal fall, pines, pine tip moth, pheromone trap
Caring For Cool Season Turf #112

  • Cool season grasses, grubs, dead spots, turf canopy, rake, organic matter, fescue, fertilizer, seedlings, sod, overseeding, grass seed blend
Pruning Miniature Roses #113

  • Miniature rose, pruning, bud, stem, crown, flowers
Identifying Piñon Needle Scale #114

  • Piñon, shedding needles, thinning, insect infestation, piñon needle scale, white cotton webbing, egg mass, foliar systemis insecticide, new growth
How To Control Snails & Aphids #115

  • Snails, herbicide, pesticide, turtles, biological control, pests, predator snail, iron phosphate, bait, aphid, insecticidal soap, parasite
Identifying Cool Weather Weeds #116

  • Cool season weeds, wild barley, hair barley, winter annual, rescuegrass, purple cast blades, annual bluegrass, Black Medic, clover, dandelion, nutsedge, tuber, London Rocket, mustard, Shepherdspurse mustard, Tansymustard
How To Start Tomato Plants From Seed #117

  • Vegetable seeds, tomatoes, VFN resistant, nematodes, disease resistant root stalk, tobacco mosaic, seed package, pearlite, osmocote, jiffy 7, frost dates, garden soil, hardened off
Choosing Cool Weather Veggies & Flowers For Your Garden #118

  • Cool season, hardened off, nursery transplant, lettuce, broccoli, brussell sprout, swiss chard, bright lights, snapdragon, viola
Caring For House Plants - Gardening 101 #119

  • Houseplants, water plants, alkaline soil, drain soil, jade plant, salt removal, deionized water, distilled water
Caring For House Plants - Growing House Plants In Water #120

  • Houseplants, office plant, begonia, room temperature, pasteurization, salt accumulation, repotting, water plant, sweet potato
Identifying Problems With Poinsettia, Ligustrum & Pecans #121

  • Poinsettia, Ligustrum, spotted leaves, pecan tree, hollow pecans, kernel development, pops, bird peck
How To Deal With Broken Tree Branches & Problems With Grape Vines #122

  • Winter moisture, willow tree, broken branch, winter damage, pruning, tree rot, cottonwood tree, soft wood, grape propagation, Powdery Mildew
Pruning Hybrid-T Roses #123

  • Roses, pruning, hybrid T-roses, canes, old wood, new wood, bypass pruners, loppers, dead wood, pruning saw, crossing branches, last freeze, overwintering bugs
Caring For Your Garden In February #124

  • Bare root stock, peat moss, burlap, pruning, dormant season plants, diseased limbs, damaged limbs, tree training, branch collar, rose pruning, miniature rose, hybrid t, cane, climbing rose, shrub rose, Floribunda, herbicide, weed seeds, crabgrass, warm season weeds, dormant oil spray, scale insect, horticultural oil, fungicide
Identifying Problems With Container Plant Roots #125

  • Poor planting, plant died, surface roots, overgrown root system, rose pot, tangled roots, oak tree, plant quality
Pruning Small Trees #126

  • Tree pruning, tree topping, pruning seal, branch collar, fungus, latex paint, prune paint
How To Properly Wash Your Hands #127

  • Food safety, hand washing, CDC, iridescent dye, cross contamination, soap, germs, cutting board, bleach solution
Choosing The Right Mulch #128

  • Rock landscapes, rockscapes, rock mulch, water conservation, native plants, black plastic, air flow, organic mulch, decorative bark, alfalfa hay, nitrogen, pecan hulls
How To Propagate Iceplant & African Violet #129

  • Iceplant, propagation, African violets, leaf cutting, water method
Planting Asparagus #130

  • Asparagus, male hybrid, slope, clay soil, 5-10-5, 13-13-13, bone meal, colloidal phosphate, high alkaline
Identifying Winter Problems In Plants And Shrubs #131

  • Screwbean mesquite, mistletoe, texas honey mesquite, beneficial insect, super carrot, nematode galls
How To Protect Outdoor Plants And Shrubs In The Winter #132

  • Leafing out, vegetative bud, forsythia, privet, ligustrum, broadleaf evergreen, dry pitted leaves, pruning, Russian olive, Eleagnus, Pungens Fruitland, ornamental shrub, white spotted leaves, natural hairs
How To Make Gifts From Gourds #133

  • Gourds, luffa sponge, exfoliation, hollowed out, gourd pots, Indian pottery, dipper gourds, watered gourds, craft projects, carved gourds, cornucopia
How Professionals Cut Down A Dead Tree #134

  • Tree removal, dead tree, topped tree, controlled drop, cottonwood tree, old tree, prevent damage, carpenter ants
Using Recycled Paper In Compost #135

  • Compost bin, winter composting, trench and hole composting, compost paper, caliche, worms, red wiggler, native earthworm
How To Clean And Sharpen Garden Tools #136

  • Tool maintenance, shovel, file, sharpen, rust, corroded metal, steel wool, WD40, hoe, wood handles, shellac, pruning tools, tree sap, pruning shears
Choosing The Right Garden Pruning Tool #137

  • Pruning, hand pruner, anvil type, bypass type, blades, lopper, wood handle, pruning saw, large limbs, pole pruner
How To Make Dried Flower Arrangements #138

  • Dried flowers, flower arranging, Mexican sage, salvia, penny plant, Lanaria, lavender, Mediterranean plant, aromatherapy, pomegranate, globe artichoke, Gypsophilia
Caring For Small House Plants #139

  • Houseplants, variegated jade, propagation, vermiculite, Crassula, white grub, beetle, compost pile, sweet potato, shoots, proto roots
How To Read Tree Growth Rings #140

  • Green ash, tree growth rings, ponderosa pine, douglas fir, piñon pine, spring wood, summer wood, oak tree, split, pitch seam
How To Make Christmas Trees From A Tomato Plant Cage #141

  • Christmas tree, tomatoes, tomato cage, prongs, electrical tape, garland, holiday decoration, Christmas lights, vegetable gardener
Picking Holiday Gifts For The Gardener #142

  • Undercut weeds, gardening tools, hand tools, bulb planter, crocus, Dutch iris, pruning saw, leather gloves, gardening shoes, gardener soap, pumice, houseplants, shovel, hoe, seeds, bulbs
Identifying Fall Web Worms In Trees #143

  • Poplar tree, sapsucker, fall web worms, bird nest, tree trimming, tree topping, cottonwood, elm, honey locust
How To Select A Live Christmas Tree #144

  • Piñon pine, afghan pine, upright rosemary, juniper tree, Cyprus tree, cedar tree, Christmas tree, long needle, drought resistant
Choosing Gifts For The Gardener #145

  • Gardening tools, rachet pruner, hand pruner, bypass type, cape cod weeder, cultivating tool, pruning, watering can, gift ideas
How To Bake A Green Chile Quince Pie #146

  • Holiday foods, Granny Smith apples, red delicious apples, golden delicious apples, apple sauce, Rome apple, cooking apples, Quince, joe e. parker chile, green chile apple quince pie recipe
How To Properly Cook A Turkey #147

  • Holiday foods, turkey, Thanksgiving, frozen turkey, thawing, refrigerator thaw, bacteria, salmonella, listeria, stuffing, meat thermometer.
How To Force Flower Bulbs To Bloom #148

  • Bulbs, potted plants, home garden, forcing bulb, Narcissus, inexpensive flowers, aquarium stones, chilling time, winter plants
Choosing Cool Weather Vegetable Plants For Your Garden #149

  • Organic garden, water use, fall garden, summer garden, stir fry, oriental greens, bok choy, beets, mizuna, succession planning, baby lettuce, tomatoes, cold weather, temperature swing
Choosing And Care For Poinsettias #150

  • Poinsettia, Christmas plant, bract, red leaves, graphical tracking, plant height, high light, night temperature
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Videos 151 - 200

Choosing Shrubs For Fall Color #151

  • Shrubs, Red Oak, colorful plants, Chinese Pistache, ornamental tree, golden rain tree, fruiting pistachio, Variegated Eleagnus, silverleaf
How To Grow Blue Corn #152

  • Open pollinated, hybrid top, flower type corn, blue corn, atole, chaquegue, piki bread, corn earworm, corn lodge, machine harvesting
Identifying Plants That Birds Like #153

  • Pyracantha, cherry sage, Salvia Greggii, Vinci, Texas Live Oak, bluejays, acorns, birds, squirrels, Japanese Persimmon, leaf burn
Caring For Venus Flytrap, Gloxinia and Bromeliad #154

  • Venus Flytrap, terrarium, insects, Gloxinia, tuber, rhizome, Bromeliad, Spanish moss
Identifying A Plant #155

  • Plant identification, plant parts, Range Herbarium, plant taxonomy, flowering parts, willow tree, shrub, plant collection, dried plants, pressed plants
Preparing Your Lawn Mower For Storage #156

  • Small engine technology, lawnmower storage, change oil, air filter, fuel stabilizer, mower maintenance, fogging to engine, balance blade, spark plug
Identifying Problems With Evergreen Trees #157

  • Evergreen, Piñon pine, state tree, Adelgid aphid, pine needle scale, Cypress, spider mite, dusty cast, juniper, drought tolerant, cold tolerant, Afghan pine, pine tip moth
Identifying Problems With Snails & Slugs #158

  • Slugs, snails, metaldehyde, chrysanthemum, transplant, pruning, drooping, water requirements, overwatering, underwatering, root rot
Choosing Beautiful Flowering House Plants #159

  • Chrysanthemum, hardening, garden mum, bedding mum, fall color, azelea, disposable flower, hibiscus, tropical plant, ornamental peppers, Kalanchoe, Bromeliad
Picking Out Orchids For Your Home #160

  • Tropical plants, orchids, Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, Oncidium Russiker Gold, Sharri Baby, Phapiopedilium, Lady Slipper, bark potting mixture, flowering houseplants
Identifying Problems With Pecans & Pruning Grapevines #161

  • Twice Stabbed Ladybug, pecan tree, Burkett pecan, overwinter, pecan shells, pink fuzz, pecan processing, grapevines, pruning, runners, Littleleaf Cordia, Chihuahuan Sage, evergreen, root pruning
How Tree Rings Tell About Climate #162

  • Green ash, tree rings, growth rings, drought, dust bowl, drought cycles, dry spells
How To Recycle Coffee Grounds Into Compost #163

  • Forester, compost, coffee grounds, winter, organic matter
Identifying Pecan Weevil Problems #164

  • Pecan weevil, casebearer, emergent hole, insects, Sticktight pecan, holes in pecans, bird peck, grub, red head grub
Creating A Garden In A Small Space #165

  • Limited space garden, small space garden, spring bearing vs. everbearing strawberries, tiered bed, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees
Identifying And Control Garden Pests On Grapes And Roses #166

  • Insect control, grapes, roses, western grape leaf skeletonizer, spider mites, leaf cutter bee
Pickingle Peppers #167

  • Chili pepper, chile, chile peppers, scoville scale, capsaicin, scoville heat units (SHU), bell peppers, Serrano, Jalapeño, banana pepper, mild vs. hot peppers, habanero, cherry peppers, yellow hots, pickling
How To Grow A Fig Tree In Southern New Mexico #168

  • Fig trees, figs, Black Turkey Fig Tree
Identifying Tomato Plant Problems In the Field #169

  • Tomatoes, Tomato Plants, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, Blossom End Rot, Tomato problems
How to Stay Busy in the Garden During the Month of August #170

  • Gardening, Fruit Trees, Peach Tree Borer, Leaf Hopper, Grapes, Bird Netting
Building A Home Garden In A Small Space #171

  • Gardening, Vegetable Garden, Limited Space Garden
Identifying Willow Tree Damage Caused By A Borer #172

  • Gardening, willow tree borer, willow tree, tomato plants, blossom end rot
How Chile Becomes Hot #173

  • Gardening, chile, chile varieties, hot chile, mild chile, chile diffusion, capsaicin
How to Grow Columbines in Far Northern New Mexico #174

  • Terraced Gardens, Columbines, Orange Oriental Poppy, Pink Oriental Poppy, Shasta Daisy, Oxeye Daisy, Asiatic Lily, bender board, Pansy
How To Control Iron Deficiency In Your Lawn #175

  • Grass iron deficiency, removing unwanted grass, fire ants
How to Grow Roses At 8000 Feet Elevation #176

  • Roses, Blue Spruce, Watering the Garden, Garden Soil, Leafy Spurge
Identifying And Control Problems With Pine Trees #177

  • Pine trees, pine tree problems, brown needles, drought, spider mites, identifying spider mites, treating spider mites, soil sample, taking a soil sample, tree root systems, identifying tree root problems
Picking the Perfect Melon #178

  • Melons, Cantaloupes, about Cantaloupes, Cantaloupe pollination, planting Cantaloupes, picking melon, melon ripeness, melon maturity, full slip, half slip, refractometer, determining melon ripeness, nutrition, calories
How to Grow Summer Squash In Your Garden #179

  • Summer squash, squash bugs, Zucchini squash, about Squash, Squash pollination, Squash maturity, Blossom end rot, Calcium deficiency, Squash problems, treating Squash Bug, Powdery Mildew, fungicide
Building A Tomato Cage #180

  • Tomato cages, curly top virus, Tomato plant, Sun scald, Cucumber cages, Cucumber plants, Plant cages, Prevent Curly top virus, row cover
Picking The Right Tool For Weeding The Garden #181

  • Garden tools, weeding tools, Skimming hoe, Hula Hoe, Stirrup Hoe, Varieties of Hoes, removing weeds, knee pad, gloves
Building A Unique Terraced Garden #182

  • Terraced garden, Retaining walls, Erosion problems, Footer, Rebar, Reinforcing Retaining Walls, Building Terraced Garden
How To Propagate Your Favorite Houseplants #183

  • Houseplants, propagating houseplants, peat moss soil
How to Make Sure You're Buying A Healthy Daylily #184

  • Daylily, bare root, about Daylilies, Daylily problems, Bulb Mite, Planting depth, Bacterial Crown Rot, Aphids, Thrips, Light Conditions, Hybridizing, Deadheading, Scapes, Seed Pods, Water requirements
How To Keep Busy In The Garden During The Month Of July #185

  • Roses, tomato plants, pepper plants, blossom end rot, fertilizer, warm season vegetables, spider mites, aphids
Choosing The Right Bermudagrass Variety For Your Turf #186

  • Bermudagrass, NuMex Sahara, Princess 77, Tifgreen Hybrid Bermuda
Identifying And Control Problems With Bermudagrass #187

  • Bermudagrass, allergies, watering, fungus control
Choosing a Daylily Variety For Your Garden #188

  • Daylily, double cutie, tuscawilla, tranquility, jan's twister, john bierman, champagne elegance, double button
How To Turn A Steep Backyard Into A Terraced Garden #189

  • Terraced gardens, cupid's dart, vinca major, bowle's mauve Shasta daisy, lavender, Salvia Greggil, gaillardia roses
How Different Plants Grow In Different Elevations #190

  • Life zones, columbine native mallow, native penstemon, apache plume, yucca, escarp live oak, black locust, piñon, chocolate flower, false indigo, Cliffrose, salvia Greggil, prickly pear, hedgehog cactus, iceplant
How to Grow Rhododendrens In A Greenhouse #191

  • Rhododendrons, greenhouse, Tropical Rhododendrons, About Rhododendrons, Reverse Osmosis, Soil requirements, Light requirements, Temperature requirements, Water requirements, Humidity, Air circulation
How To Grow Blackberries In Southern New Mexico #192

  • Blackberries, About Blackberries, Pollination, Berry Ripeness, Raspberries, Soil Requirements, Blackberry Problems, Bindweed, Iron Chlorosis, Yellowing Leaves, Anthracnose, Botrytis, Producing bigger berries, Blackberry Varieties, Choctaw, Kiowa, Black Satin
Identifying and Control Summer Weeds #193

  • Weeds, summer weeds, prostate spurge, crabgrass, southwestern cupgrass, annual bluegrass, speedwell, creeping chafweed, prostrate knotweed, sandbur nutsedge
Choosing the Right Evergreen Tree For Your Landscape #194

  • Evergreen Trees Bosnian Pine Upright Juniper Austrian Black Pine Tanyosho Pine Japanese Black Pine Deodor Cedar Leyland Cypress Mugo Pine Black Hills Spruce Colorado Spruce Blue Colorado Spruce Bonsai Spruce Bonsai Maple
Choosing a Shade Tree For Your Landscape #195

  • Trees Shade Trees Mimosa Ginko Biloba Pin Oak Amur Maple Red Sunset Maple Japanese Pagoda Tree Purple Robe Locust Oklahoma Red Bud European White Birch River Birch Green Ash
How to Braid a Ficus Tree #196

  • Greenhouse, Braided Ficus Tree, Miniature Roses, Carnivorous Plants
Choosing Plants from a Greenhouse #197

  • Greenhouse, palm trees, hanging baskets, geranium, begonias
Choosing Shrubs and Cacti For Your Xeriscape Garden Part 2 #198

  • Shrubs, Cacti, Agave, Ocotilla, Hoary, Rosemary Mint, Creosote Bush, Mahonia, Mesquite, Mexican Elder, Penstemons
Choosing Shrubs and Cacti For Your Xeriscape Part 1 #199

  • Xeriscape, Garden, Shrubs, Cacti, Buddleia, Apache Plume, Chamisa, Verbena, Hymenopsis Texas Redbud, Claret Cup, Prickly Pear Globe Mallow, Mexican Evening Primrose, Yucca Thompsoniana, Yucca Rostrata
Identifying and Control Soil Problems #200

  • Soil, Soil Problems, soil basics, sparse grass areas, root system
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Videos 201 - 250

How To Vertical Mulch A Tree #201

  • Soil compaction problems, vertical mulching, vertical mulching holes, tree roots, drill holes
How To Safely Transplant A Cactus #202

  • Transplant a cactus, cactus, Pitahaya Marismena, Stenocereus Standleyi
How To Recycle Household Items In The Garden #203

  • Recycle, germinate orange tree seeds, protect corn shoots, protect tomatoes from worms
How To Process Native Plants For Eating #204

  • Mesquite tree, Prosopis Glandulosa, edible plants, mesquite pod flour, mesquite cookies, Prickly pear cactus, Opuntia, prickly pear fruit, young cactus pads, spines, glochids, prickly pear stems, prickly pear syrup
Preparing Soil To Plant Irises #205

  • Iris garden, soil preparation, chlorosis, yellowing of the veins, soil nutrients, alfalfa pellets, sand, humus, manure, cotton-bur compost, gypsum
Preparing Soil For A Wildflower Garden #206

  • Regional wildflower seed mixes, soil preparation, seed blend, distribution of seeds, seed germination
How To Make Decorative Wreaths From Garden Plants #207

  • Decorative wreaths, plant wreaths, grapevine wreath, beautiful wreaths
How To Install A Star-Drip Irrigation System #208

  • Star-drip irrigation, tree crown, roots, drought
How To Grow A Vineyard #209

  • Napa winemaker, Napa Valley, vineyard, grapes, wine, veraison, berry ripening, dropping crop, leaf pulling, refractometer, sugar levels, brix, vine vigor, fruit
Creating A Turtle Habitat #210

  • Turtle habitat, Desert Tortoise, dandelions, Mullein, Verbascum Thapsus, natural grasses, Alfalfa, Medicago sativa, lettuce, Western Box Turtle, hatchling, clutch, habitat
How To Control The Peach Tree Borer With Nematodes #211

  • Peach tree, stone fruit group, Peach Tree Borer, jelly-like sap, nematode, parasitic insect nematode, organic insect control
Building And Install A Drip Irrigation System #212

  • Water conservation, drip irrigation system, t-tape, header line, lateral lines, micro sprinklers, pressure regulator, filter, timer, water hose, emitters
How To Water Plants While On Vacation #213

  • Desert rose, succulents, water plants, vacation
Using An Old Tree Log As A Planter #214

  • Tree log, planter, succulents, cactus, unique planter
How To Transplant A Saguaro Cactus #215

  • Saguaro Cactus, transplant, Sonoran Desert, dusting sulfur, cauterize, shade netting, pruning cactus roots
How To Start A Chile Pepper Garden #216

  • Chile seedlings, exotic seed, seed collectors, Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook, New Mexican chile varieties, NuMex Centennial, Serrano, Habanero, Cayenne, Bulgarian Carrot, Lemondrop Aji, Chinese yellow emperor, Bonnie Peppers, Barbadoes, plant chile, prepare soil, newspaper mulch, organic pest control, Hot Pepper Wax, insect repellent, capsaicin
Preparing Soil For A Xeriscape Bed #217

  • Xeriscape garden, save water, prepare soil, drought tolerant plants, visual interest, low maintenance
Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs #218

  • Flowering bulbs, clay loam soil, prepare soil, Phosphate, bulbs
How To Make Dye From Plants #219

  • Dye, make dye from plants, colors, fabric, fiber, Woad, leaves for dyeing, Madder, roots for dyeing, red dye, turkey red, Indigo, Marigolds, alum, yellow dye, Hopi sunflower, seeds for dyeing, black dye, Prickly pear, fruit for dyeing, pink dye, Snakeweed, green dye, Cota, Thelesperma, Pomegranate, Onion skins, dye vats, Southwest Regional Spinners
How To Harvest Water For The Garden And Landscape #220

  • Water conservation, rain chains, chain gutter, chain gutter downspouts, gutter alternative, decorative downspout, drainage system, perforated pipe, deep watering, tree proof sidewalks, tree roots versus sidewalks, sidewalk damage
How To Grow Bermudagrass #221

  • Bermudagrass, grass, about Bermudagrass, Bermudagrass varieties, stolons, rhizomes, warm season grass, seeded Bermudagrass, allergic reaction, hybrid Bermudagrass, sodding, Tifton, Tifgreen, Princess 77, NuMex Sahara, drought tolerant, Guymon, lawn care, lawn fertilizer
How To Design A Southwestern Landscape #222

  • Landscape design, formal landscape design, informal landscape design, landscape problems, irrigation, run-off, screen utilities, easement
Choosing Plants That Deer Won't Eat #223

  • Deer resistant plants, plants that deer don't eat, ornamental grasses, Miscanthus, herbs, beets, prickly plants, fuzzy plants, plants that deer eat, vegetables, beans, sunflowers, lettuce, tomatoes, turnips, squash, Peony, Rose of Sharon, Lamb's ears, Lady's Mantle, California Poppy's, devices, sprays, alarms, fences, barricades
Choosing Plants For A Water Pond #224

  • Backyard water pond, pond plants, plant selection, Water hyacinth, Water lettuce, Fairy Moss, Giant Papyrus, Small Papyrus, Water Lily, Miniature Cattail, Lotus
Choosing A Chile Variety To Grow #225

  • Varieties of chile, ornamental chile, NuMex Twilight, round ornamental, bullet-shaped ornamental, chile pequin, New Mexican pod type, NuMex Garnet, NuMex Joe E. Parker, Jalepeno, NuMex Primavera, habanero, NuMex Suave Red, Aji Orchid
Caring For Fruit Trees #226

  • Fruit trees, orchard, root stock, planting depth, water requirements, mulch, sun damage, pruning, flowering spurs, leaf growth, sun scald, even growth rate, open center, spur spacing, leaf thinning, suckers, radical pruning, deadwood, bird netting, fruit thinning, bacterial infections, pests, wooly apple aphids, peach tree borer, cotton moth, clay sprays, nutrient deficiencies, iron chlorosis, foliar sprays
Building A Japanese Garden #227

  • Japanese Garden, Bamboo, bamboo wall, Japanese Maple, Stream, pond, microclimate
Building A Constructive Wetland Garden #228

  • Treat household wastewater, constructive wetlands, first constructive wetland in Nevada, recycle water, reuse water, drought tolerant plants, water efficient plants, aquatic plants, Papyrus, Canna, Cattail, Corkscrew Willow, Elephant's-ear, Beach sunflower
How To Install Bird Netting Over Small Fruit Trees #229

  • Fruit trees, peach trees, bird problems, bird damage, fruit tree pests, bird netting, Bermuda grass, Bermuda grass care, mow height, sprinkler coverage
How To Control Squash Bugs #230

  • Bugs, squash, Squash bug, squash bug prevention, stipling, leafhopper, insecticides, spotted cucumber beetle, corn, corn earworms
How To Install A Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation System #231

  • Sub-surface irrigation, watering alternative, water conservation, Netafim, flush valves, sod
How To Control Garden Problems In Transition From Spring To Summer #232

  • Spring, summer, transition, Dianthus, Miniature Violas, full sun locations, planter drainage, Oleander, Nitrogen deficiency, nutrient deficiency, drought tolerant plants, Mexican Elder, summer dormancy, foliage die-back, plant stress
How To Divide Native Grasses #233

  • Water conservation, native grass, grass, research, genetic diversity, Master Gardeners, Little Blue Stem, winter color, summer color, growth types, cloning plants, New Mexico Crop Improvement, urban landscape
Choosing A Table Grape Variety To Grow #234

  • Table grapes, Himrod, seedless grapes, raisons, Reliant, Mars grapes, Venus grapes, Concord, Grape jelly, antioxidants, iron chlorosis treatment, Niagara, Golden Muscat Grapes, Catawba grapes, cane pruning
How To Trellis Grapevines #235

  • Wine grapes, vines, research, trellising, pruning, tying, irrigation, arbor, fertilization
How To Install Bird Netting Over Grapevines #236

  • Bird netting, Fruit trees, Berries, Bird, Pest, prevention, protection, barrier
How To Apply Fertilizer To Turf #237

  • Fescue, weeds, Bermuda Grass, Sahara Bermuda grass, turf fertilization, grass, pruning climbing roses
How To Spray Fruit Trees #238

  • Garden problems, iron chlorosis, treatment, yellowing leaves, short corn stalks, nutrient deficiency, fertilization, foliar iron, insecticides, organic, non-organic, peach tree borer, insecticidal soap, coddling moth, pheromone traps, aphids
Choosing A Cool-Season Turfgrass Variety #239

  • Grass Varieties, Cool Season grasses, Fine fescue, Alkaligrass, Tall fescue, Perennial ryegrass, Texas bluegrass, Supina Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Crested hairgrass, turtle turf
How To Calibrate Spraying Equipment #240

  • Spray calibration, protection, ground speed, spray pressure, type of sprayer tip, how many tips on boom
Choosing A Warm-Season Grass Variety #241

  • Grass Varieties, Warm Season grasses, Blue Grama, Zoysiagrass, Bermudagrass Princess, Seashore paspalum, Buffalograss, Tall fescue, Texas bluegrass, Crested hairgrass, turtle turf
Choosing Water Conserving Shrubs #242

  • Xeriscape Plants, Water conservation, low water use plants, drought tolerant, Apache Plume, Wooly Butterfly Bush, Red Yucca, Chaparral Sage, Desert museum
How To Thin Apricots On The Tree #243

  • Apricot Tree, Promote growth, disease prevention, pest problems, thinning fruit trees, rose diseases, garden pests on roses, thrips, foil, mulch
How To Treat Bermudagrass #244

  • Tomato cages, herbicides, weed killer, cutworm, insect prevention
How To Divide A Daylily #245

  • Divide Daylilies, labeling plants, scapes, re-blooming, when to divide, crown, fans
How To Rabbit-Proof A Garden #246

  • Rabbit-proof garden, Yellow bellied sap sucker, tree bark wounds, barricades, fencing, Arborvitae, sticky-shiny substance, aphids, insect control
How To Grow Tomato Plants In Special Lighting Part 1 #247

  • Tomato plants, plant seed, grow seedlings, germinate, grow plants under lights, fluorescent lights, cold frames, varieties of cold frames, protect seedlings
How To Grow Tomato Plants In Special Lighting Part 2 #248

  • Grow tomatoes under lights, light system, cold frame, grow plants under lights, starter cage
Preparing A Flower Bed For Spring Part 1 #249

  • Build a flower bed, remove grass, soil amendments, peat moss, topsoil, nutrients
Preparing A Flower Bed For Spring Part 2 #250

  • Preparing A Flower Bed For Spring Part 2
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Videos 251 - 300

How To Feed Roses #251

  • Rose garden, organic rose food, feed roses, apple tree, pruning fruit trees, wooly apple aphid, white cottony growth, dormant oil, insecticide, insecticide application, tree suckers, treat dying tree
How To Read Herbicide Labels Part 1 #252

  • Herbicides, about herbicides, pre-emergence, herbicide ingredients, herbicide limitations, weed killer
How To Read Herbicide Labels Part 2 #253

  • Herbicides, about herbicides, pre-emergence, herbicide ingredients, herbicide limitations, weed killer, weed & feed
How To Dethatch A Lawn #254

  • Repair lawn, dethatching, motorized dethatcher, loosen lawn root system, thatch level, remove dead grass
How To Repair Lawn Dethatching Damage #255

  • Repair lawn, dethatching damage, bare spots, reseed, topsoil, nutrients
How An Elementary School Teacher Built A Nature Garden #256

  • Outdoor classroom, innovative teaching, science, ecosystems, reproduce ecosystems, tropical rainforest, banana trees, finches, chameleons, humidity, aquatic environment, pond, fish, forest, pine trees, habitats, bog, turtles, daffodils, archaeological dig, fossils, Indian artifacts, rocks, minerals, desert, cactus,
Identifying And Control Powdery Mildew On Juponica Shrubs #257

  • Plant problems, Juponica, Pyracantha, spider mite, brown leaves, miticide, soap and water spray, insecticide, iron deficiency, foliar spray, yellowing leaves, powdery mildew, white spotted leaves, organic treatments, prevention
How To Start Plant Seedlings On Top Of The Fridge #258

  • Germinate, start seedlings, seedlings on top of fridge, bottom heat, fluorescent lights, grow lights
Planting Potatoes #259

  • Potato, planting potatoes, eye, tubers, seed potato, virus indexed, sprout inhibitor, soil preparation, vermiculite, perlite soil, peat moss
How To Track The Progress Of A Vegetable Garden And Orchard #260

  • Prune, peach tree, pruning for open center, prune for outside bud, apple tree, promote equal growth rate, sunscald, leveling ground
Identifying And Control Chlorosis In Shrubs #261

  • Termites, termite damage, chlorosis, iron deficiency, iron chlorosis, treatment, micro nutrient spray, hose hips, planting rose hips, seed pods
How To Clean Out A Water Pond Part 1 #262

  • Pond care, clean pond, sliming, pond fish, removing fish, removing pond plants, oxygenator plant, trim pond plants
How To Clean Out A Water Pond Part 2 #263

  • Pond care, clean pond, shop vac, sliming, pond fish, removing fish, removing pond plants, oxygenator plant, prune pond plants, acclimating fish
How To Start Spring Plants By Seed And Transplants #264

  • Spring plants, germinate, start plants, transplant plants, Lantana, seed versus transplant
How To Start Asparagus, Garlic And Onion Plants #265

  • Asparagus, trench method, plant crown, roots, asparagus growth process, garlic cloves, onion sets, onion bulbs, scallions
How To Start Lettuce Plants In A Cold Frame #266

  • Lettuce, cold frame, grow plants in the winter, fig trees, big tree pruning, start plants from cuttings, propagate trees, root stimulator
How To Grow Tropical Water Plants In A Greenhouse #267

  • Tropical water plants, Giant Papyrus, small Papyrus, Water hyacinth, Water lettuce, Fairy moss
Building A Greenhouse From Recycled Materials #268

  • Greenhouse, build a greenhouse, recycle, Pencil cactus, Jade plants, Hearts and flowers, Sea lavender
Identifying And Control Bacterial Infections On Fruit Trees #269

  • Fruit tree bacterial infections, oozing sap, water stress, heavy crop, dormant oil, copper fungicide, prevention, bacteria spread, fertilization, pruning, live Christmas tree, plant Christmas tree, dying Christmas tree, start a compost pile, Compost, oxygenate compost pile, green material
How To Grow Hyacinth Bulbs #270

  • Hyacinth Bulbs, replant Hyacinth bulbs, Geranium, Zonal Palargonium, colored leaves on geranium, Pregnant Onion, grow lettuce
How To Start A Vegetable Garden #271

  • Start a Vegetable garden, soil preparation, soil nutrients, orchard problems, water basin, pampus grass, stunted growth, fescue versus Bermuda grass, Rose bush problems, pruning rose bushes
How To Determine If Trees Need Water In The Winter #272

  • Water winter trees, tree water requirements, Cork Oak, Afghan Pine, Montezuma Cypress, Elaeagnus pungens, Maculata, Boxwood
How To Remove Spouts From A Boliana Poplar Tree #273

  • Fire blight, tree bacterial disease, treatment, Boliana Poplar, tree suckers, sucker preventers
How To Cut Back Pampas Grass #274

  • Pampas Grass, cut back Pampas grass, prune pampas grass, pruning rose bushes, bagworm, pesticide
Pruning Fruit Trees Properly #275

  • Pruning fruit trees, anatomy of a fruit tree, branch spacing, fruit spurs, pome fruits, apple trees, pear, stone fruits, peach, apricot, plum, cherry, fruiting wood, fruiting wood spacing
How To Start Houseplants From Cuttings #276

  • Propagate houseplants, tree lover, salt damage, Philodendron, hemiepiphytes, grow plants in vase
Identifying Common Tree Problems #277

  • Tree death, tree problems, root bowl depth, girdling roots, treat girdling roots, proper branch removal
Choosing A Landscaper #278

  • Choose a landscaper, architect, designer, contractor, irrigation, sprinkler system
Using A Chainsaw Safely Part 1 #279

  • Chainsaw, safety, chainsaw safety devices, safety features, anti-kickback chain, chain break, safety clothing, eye protection, ear protection, Kevlar protection, chaps, hardhat, gloves, pole pruner, motorized pole pruner, chainsaw safety equipment
Using A Chainsaw Safely Part 2 #280

  • Chainsaw, safety, chainsaw safety devices, safety features, anti-kickback chain, chain break, safety clothing, eye protection, ear protection, Kevlar protection, chaps, hardhat, gloves, pole pruner, motorized pole pruner, chainsaw safety equipment, buddy system, steel toe boots, kickback
How A Tree Grows #281

  • About trees, tree, tree system, growing trees, bark, trunk, growth rings, xylem, phloem, cambium, crown, limbs, trunk, roots, capillaries, ring porous, Shumard Oak, Elm, diffuse porous, Sugar Maple, Poplars, Cottonwood, Elm
Choosing A Christmas Plant #282

  • Christmas Plant, Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus, maturity, re-blooming potential, temperature, water requirements, Rosemary, Ivy, China Doll
How A Tree Leaf Dies #283

  • Tree leaf death, cold weather, abscisic acid, abscission zone, twig, Shumard Oak, Big Tooth Maple, tree disease, cutting Christmas Trees, United States Forest Service Office, Christmas Tree harvesting, Permit to cut a Christmas tree, White Fur, Pinon
How To Keep Busy In The Garden During December #284

  • Garden maintenance, December, mealybugs, white cottony leaves, insecticide, mud glove, when to prune, pruning paint, pruning roses, pruning trees
How To Plan A Landscape #285

  • Landscape planning, landscape drawing, landscape references, landscape books, low water use plants, native plants, plant recommendations
How To Start A New Lawn In The Winter Months #286

  • Lawn, sod, Grande flora, pruning rosebushes, transplanting rosebushes, borers, fruit trees, evergreen water use, deciduous water use, irrigation in winter
How To Make A Tofu Pumpkin Pie #287

  • Tofu Pumpkin Pie, recipe, tofu, soy, freezing, baking
How To Cook With Pumpkins #288

  • Choosing pumpkins, cooking with pumpkins, pumpkin recipes, cleaning pumpkins, bake pumpkin seeds, serving size, pumpkin purée, curing, storing, freezing
How To Put Your Garden To Bed For The Winter #289

  • Soil testing, soil nutrient deficiencies, compost testing, when to test soil, soil testing kit, soil sample, soil amendments
Choosing Ornamental Grasses For The Garden #290

  • Ornamental grasses, water conservation, low water use plants, cutting back, Regal Mist, Nashville, Deergrass, Purple Three-Awn, drought tolerant plants, native plants, native grasses, Threadleaf Grass, Ponytails
Pruning And Irrigate The Orchard In The Fall #291

  • Pruning fruit trees, deadwood, branch collar, choosing cuts, sterilizing, pruning, instruments, flood irrigation
How To Keep Busy In The Garden During November #292

  • Raking up leaves, dormant oils, fungicides, fruit trees, pruning tools, garden statuary, hand saw, hand pruners
Choosing An Apple Variety To Grow In New Mexico #293

  • New Mexico apples, apple orchard, Molly's Delicious, trellis apple trees versus freestanding apple trees, coddling moth, leafhoppers, pheromone puffers, summer oil
How To Protect Container Plants In The Fall #294

  • Container gardening, container plants, asparagus fern, geranium, cuttings, propagate, transplant, re-potting
How To Collect Seeds From Your Garden #295

  • Saving seeds from garden, plant maturity, Chile seeds, Squash, Gourds, Sunflowers, Marigolds, Zinnias, Cosmos, drying seeds, collecting plant seeds, collecting flower seeds
How To Get Garden Ponds Ready For Winter #296

  • Water ponds, garden ponds, winterizing your pond, waterfall, bio-fall, filter water, bacteria, algae, Water Hyacinth, Water Lillies
How To Keep Busy In The Garden During October #297

  • Planting bulbs, Tulips, refrigerating bulbs, spring flower bulbs, Narcissus, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Crocus, cloves, Garlic, Onions, organic fertilizer, Blood and Bone Meal, forcing bulbs, picking bulbs, cool season flowers, Violas, Pansies, Stalk, Snapdragons, Mums, cool season vegetable, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes
Identifying Problems With Shade Tree Leaves #298

  • Shade tree problems, water stress, leaf damage, browning leaves, leaf burn, Chatalpa, Oak, Sycamore, Red Bud, Golden Rain Tree, Crape Myrtles, nutrient deficiency, Regal Mist, ornamental grass, frost protection, frost blanket
Identifying And Control The Twig Beetle And Tussock Moth #299

  • Garden Pests, Twig Beetles, Pinon Trees, Pine Trees, identification, prevention, control, insecticide, Tussock Moth
Choosing A Chile Variety To Grow In Your Garden #300

  • Chile varieties, Yellow hots, Jalepeno, Alcalde Native, Santa Fe Grande Yellow Hot, Espanola improved, Twilight, Senntenial, Sunburst, Starburst, Chile de Arbol, water requirements, irrigation, chile problems, hot versus mild chile, creating hot or mild chile
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Videos 301 - 349

Building A Water Pond #301

  • Building a water pond, water pond, pond planning, water pond components, preformed pond versus free form pond, Preformed Poly Ponds, EPDM Pond Liner, filtration, pump, lights, waterfall, fountain
Identifying And Control Problems With Pecan Trees #302

  • Pecan trees, pecan tree problems, pecan tree pests, Yellow pecan aphids, Black pecan aphids, leaf dead spots, insecticide, Pecan Nut Case Bearer
Choosing A Strawberry Variety For The Garden #303

  • Strawberries, strawberry varieties, east coast strawberry characteristics, flavor, disease resistance, California strawberry characteristics, size, appearance, drip tape irrigation, black woven plastic, Jewel, Honeyoye, Allstar, variety trials
Using Mulches And Row Covers In The Garden #304

  • Mulches, Row Cover, gardening experiments, water penetrant, Woven Black Polypropylene Mulch, ultra violet light inhibitor, Black Plastic, control weeds, Spun-bonded Polypropylene Row Cover, frost protection, hail protection, harvest early, Butternut Winter Squash, determine squash readiness, squash ripeness, maturity, cool season crops, early sweet corn, early harvest
Choosing The Right Plants For A Medicinal Herb Garden #305

  • Medicinal Herbs, remedies, Coneflower Echinacea Purpurea, immune system, Feverfew Chrysanthemum parthenium, migraines and headaches, Yerba del Manso, Anemopsis Californica, Lizard tail, Lavender Lavendula sp., Pennyroyal Mentha pulegium, mosquito repellant
How To Determine If Pecan Trees Have Enough Nutrients #306

  • Pecan trees, leaf testing, leaf sample, true leaf, leaflet, pecan tree nutrients, leaf analysis, fertilization
Identifying Problems With Corn In The Garden #307

  • Sweet corn problems, wind pollination, few kernels, poor pollination, tomato problems, catfacing, blossom end rot, Curly top virus, plant died from the top down, Butternut Squash skin cracking
How To Properly Plant A Plant Part 1 #308

  • Proper planting procedure, girdling roots, root bound, planting container plants, planting depth, fruit trees, grafted tree, planting fruit trees
How To Properly Plant A Plant Part 2 #309

  • Proper planting procedure, planting container plants in the ground, hole size, planting depth, breaking root ball, watering basin, cutting encircling roots, water resistant
How To Treat Dead Spots In The Lawn #310

  • Dying plant, girdling root, circling roots, lawn, lawn dead spots, hydrophobic soil, compacted soil, lawn aeration, hydrophobic soil solution
Building And Install Underground Irrigation System #311

  • Underground irrigation system, manifold system, assembly, water conservation
How To Harvest Rain Water For The Garden #312

  • Underground irrigation system, manifold system, assembly, water conservation, water harvesting, collecting rain water, water tanks, rain water storage, siphon system, irrigation, recycling water
How To Conserve Water In The Garden #313

  • Soil preparation, paper mulch, straw mulch, organic materials, Sunflowers, Corn, Squash, Tomatoes, underground irrigation system, water conservation
How To Maintain Tomato And Squash Plants #314

  • Tomato plants, forcing mature tomatoes, squash, male flowers, forcing mature squash, garden pests, preventing squash bugs, Butternut Squash
How To Keep Busy In The Garden In September #315

  • Weed control, Pre-emergent, lawn fertilization, insect control, spring bulbs, rose fertilizer, cool season vegetables
How To Grow Corn In Southern New Mexico #316

  • About corn, corn pollination, wind pollination, spotty kernels, stalks, silks, block of corn, varieties of corn, Sweet corn, Indian corn, cross pollination problems, advantageous roots, lodging, picking corn, determining maturity, storage
Identifying Garden Problems With Tomato Plants #317

  • Tomato problems, plant dying from the bottom up, wilt disease, soil disease, soil sample, soil solarization, treatment, browning on tips of leaves, spider mites, VF varieties, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, Nematodes, tomato plant wilt, flea beetle damage, holes in leaf, leaf hopper, insect control, organic insecticides, eggplant
Pruning Trees In The Summer #318

  • Tree pruning, summer tree pruning, tree growth, deadwood, pruning procedure, undercut, outer cut, collar
How To Preserve Chile From Your Garden #319

  • Chile, Roasting Chile, Peeling Chile, Cleaning Chile, Freezing Chile, Drying Chile, Canning Chile, Preserving Chile, Food Safety
How To Grow A Garden In High Elevation #320

  • High elevation gardening, orange clay soil, soil amendments, mountain garden, pine trees, forest, lightning damage, wildlife problems, wildflowers, Cinquefoil, Harebell, Wild Geranium, White Yarrow, Penstemon, Columbines
Identifying And Control Garden Pests On Squash And Beans #321

  • Insect control, identify insects, Garden pests, Squash Bug, hard brown eggs on leaf, insecticide, Spotted Cucumber Beetle, holes in leaves, Flea Beetle, Eggplant, Grasshopper
Using Rabbit Manure In The Garden #322

  • Forcing flowers, pruning, Apple tree, coddling moth, wormy apples, fruit tree problems, rabbit manure, herbivore manure versus carnivore manure, fertilizer, compost, edible weeds
How To Control Weeds And Garden Pests During The Month Of June #323

  • Spider Mites, Evergreen trees, Weed killers, Crabgrass, Annual weeds, Periodic Fertilizers, Warm Season Lawns, thrips
How To Keep Busy In The Garden During The Month Of June #324

  • Deadheading shrubs, Pruning shrubs, Xeriscape, deadwood, pruning, Scotch Broom, Jupiter's Beard, weeds, Bindweed
Choosing The Best Plants For Your Xeriscape Garden #325

  • Xeriscape, Chocolate Flower, Lamb's Ear, Snow-In-Summer, Mat Daisy, Ice Plant, Artemesia, Golden Currant, Salvia Greggii, Spanish Lavender, Providence Lavender, Mexican Evening Primrose, Desert Willow, Ornamental Grasses, Blue Vitex, Gallardia, Spiderwart
Choosing The Best Tree For Southern New Mexico Part 1 #326

  • Choosing trees, Montezuma Cypress, Chitalpa, Mexican Buckeye, Chinese Lacebark Elm, Burgundy Desert Willow
Choosing The Best Tree For Southern New Mexico Part 2 #327

  • Tree, choosing trees, tree varieties, Mexican Redbud, Chinese Pistache, Texas Honey Mesquite, Golden Ball Lead Tree
How To Control Spider Mites On Pyracantha #328

  • Alfalfa, Pyracantha, Spider Mites, Tree Pruning Wounds, insect control, yellow leaves, insecticide, Scale insects, brown bumps on tree branches, dormant oil, damp wood termite, Africanized Honey bees
Identifying And Control The Pecan Nut Case Bearer #329

  • Pecans, Pecan Trees, Pecan Nut Case Bearer, small white eggs on nut, moths, pheromone traps, insecticides, varieties of insecticides, insects, pest control, trees
Choosing Flowering Plants For New Mexico Part 1 #330

  • Flowers, Varieties of Flowers, Columbines, varieties of colors, Remembrance, Cosmos, Alyssum, Sierra Sundrop, White Evening Primrose, Mexican Evening Primrose
Choosing Flowering Plants For New Mexico Part 2 #331

  • Flowers, Varieties of Flowers, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Chocolate Flower, Paper Flower, Desert Marigold, Salvia Greggii, Boles Mauve, Nierembergia, Blue Flax, Gaura Lindheimeri, Dusty Miller, Blue Sheep Fescue, Thread Grass
How To Stay Busy In The Garden During The Month Of May #332

  • Weed Killers, Insecticides, Herbicides, Grass Sod, Warm Season Plants, Sandpaper Verbena, New Gold Lantana, Trailing Purple Lantana
Choosing The Right Rose To Grow In New Mexico #333

  • Growing Roses, Wild Plum Miniature, Patio Miniature, Cherry Cupido, Saffron Minuetto, Austrian Copper, Rosa Foetida, Tradescant, Hybrid T, Betty Prior, Angel Face, Sunsprite, Joseph's Coat, roses, rose bushes, Miniature rose, Shrub rose, Floribunda, Climbing Rose
Pruning Roses In The Summer #334

  • Roses, rose bushes, rose car, pruning roses, pruning, cutting roses, deadheading, forcing blooms, shrub rose, Miniature roses, Hybrid T, Floribundas, aphids, silvery specks on leaves, insecticide
Choosing The Right Grass Variety For Your Turf #335

  • Turf farm, Warm season grass versus Cool season grass, dormancy in winter, Tifton, Tifway 419, Advantage Tall Fescue, Turtle Turf, Reveille
How To Start Tomato Plants Early In Your Garden #336

  • Tomato plants, Soil preparation, Soil amendments, warming soils, black plastic, landscape fabric, water penetration, evaporation, weed control, wall of water, frost protection, early tomatoes
How To Keep Pecan Trees Healthy #337

  • About pecan trees, Fertilization, Pollination, Pecan trees, Pecan tree pruning, Zinc spray, Nitrogen Fertilizer, Pecan Tree Watering
How To Thin Out Lettuce And Spinach Sprouts In The Garden #338

  • Thinning out plants, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, apricots, lilac, fertilizing plants, Training cucumbers, trellising plants, germinating seeds, mini greenhouse, fruit trees, forcing fruit, pruning lilac, rejuvenation pruning, when to prune flowering plants
Using Plastic Buckets For Cylinder Gardening #339

  • Cylinder gardening, plastic bucket recycling, low maintenance garden, weed control
Using Soil Solarization To Kill Nematodes #340

  • Soil, Soil Solarization, Nematodes, Garden pests, roundworms, Controlling Nematodes, black plastic versus clear plastic, soil heating, killing nematodes, Tomato plants, Tomato disease resistance, VF, Verticillium Resistant, Fusurium Resistant, N, Nematode Resistant
How The Bark Beetle Damages Arizona Cypress #341

  • Arizona Cypress, Windbreak tree, Soil erosion, Cypress Bark Beetle, Brown branch tips, flagging, insecticide, ornamental trees
How To Safely Prune Trees #342

  • Trees, Tree Pruning, Tree Pruning Safety, Arborist, Proper pruning cut, Protective equipment
Choosing The Best Tomato Variety To Grow In Southern New Mexico #343

  • Tomato Plants, Tomato Varieties, VFN, Disease and Pest Resistant, Fruit trees, Fruit Tree suckers, Fruit Tree Sprouts, Purple Robe Locust
Choosing A Flowering Shrub For Your Garden #344

  • Southern New Mexico, Landscape plants, popular landscape shrubs, Flowering shrubs, Weigela, Spiraea, Viburnum, Upright Rosemary, Indian Hawthorne, Cassia, Pyracantha
How To Control Insect Pests In The Garden #345

  • Garden pests, pest control, Longhorn Beetle, Aphids, Ladybugs, Rose food
Choosing Warm Season Annuals For Your Garden #346

  • Warm Season Flowers, Vegetables, Marigold, Verbena, Celosia, Petunia, Cosmos, Begonia, Peppers, Tomato, Bush Beans, Squash, Iceplant, Hearts And Flowers
How To Grow An Herb Garden #347

  • Herb Garden, Sage, Italian Parsley, French Tarragon, Rosemary, Greek Oregano, Chives, Spearmint, Horseradish
Choosing Cool Season Vegetables For Your Garden #348

  • Vegetable garden, Cool season vegetable garden, Kale, Oakleaf Lettuce, Deertongue, Red Sail, Cold frame, Varieties of daylight
Choosing Warm Season Annual Flowers & Vegetables #349

  • Warm Season Flowers, Vegetables, Marigold, Verbena, Celosia, Petunia, Cosmos, Begonia, Peppers, Tomato, Bush Beans, Squash, Iceplant, Hearts And Flowers
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