CESFAS Seed Grant

Purpose: The CESFAS Contributing Faculty Seed Grants are funded through CESFAS state operations and are intended to further the mission of CESFAS by expanding collaborative research and extension that benefits the citizens of New Mexico. These awards will strengthen the college's research and extension enterprise through the development of teams with the potential to address complex scientific issues. These awards are designed to foster multi-departmental and inter-college collaboration and will enhance interdisciplinary research efforts in areas relevant to sustainable food and agricultural systems. Awarded proposals will be innovative and creative in nature and will have sufficient intellectual merit to justify funding. Proposals are especially encouraged that address the needs of New Mexico stakeholders and also have the potential for broader regional, national or global impacts, and proposals that incorporate the development or assessment of new innovations and technologies.

Funding Available: Funding is available annually on the state fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Approximately $60,000 will be awarded annually. Proposals may be submitted for any amount up to $60,000. Funding must be spent down by the end of June each year. No carry-over funds will be approved. Funding can be used for operations, travel, equipment, supplies, software & data, shipping, printing, publication page charges, and temporary (non-faculty) personnel (e.g., undergraduate students, graduate assistants, post-docs, and technicians). Funding is not to be used for course buy-outs or summer salary for PIs. All NMSU PIs on the proposal must have a reasonable percentage of the budget to support their research effort. A budget template is provided to assist PIs with budget development. While budget details are requested, the budget will be considered ‘large pool’ and dollar amounts can be adjusted within the budget if needed.

Eligibility: The PI for each proposal must be a CESFAS faculty member or CESFAS contributing faculty member. Co-PI’s are not required to be affiliated with CESFAS

Deliverables: A project report, no more than 3 pages in length, including research accomplishments, outputs (publications, presentations, related funding applications, etc.), impacts, and budget expenditures is due by July 31, 2021.

Required Criteria:

  • Proposals must include at least 2 NMSU Colleges and must be interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. Proposals that include collaboration with other NM institutions are encouraged provided the other institutions can contribute additional funding (preferably matching) or require no direct funding from NMSU.
  • Proposals must include both a research and extension component.
  • The proposed work must clearly contribute to the overall mission and vision of CESFAS.
  • Proposals must clearly show a benefit to the state of New Mexico and should note applicable broader impacts.
  • The proposal should clearly indicate how the work addresses critical issues related to sustainable food and/or agricultural systems.
  • Proposals that include work to be conducted at off-campus Agricultural Science Centers are strongly encouraged.
  • Proposals should clearly address how the research and extension effort will aid in the development of proposals for other external funding opportunities. If the results from this research and extension effort are needed for the ability to apply to a particular grant program, please state this in the proposal.

2020-2021 Application Process

To apply for a CESFAS Contributing Faculty Seed Grant, include the following: :

  1. Pl name(s), department(s), email address(es)
  2. Research and Extension Project Description or Proposed Area of Research/Extension (4 pages maximum, excluding references). Provide a justification statement that includes the potential impacts of the work. Be sure to address the required criteria stated above. Proposals should clearly indicate the potential for the research and Extension effort to advance knowledge and understanding within and across disciplines in a manner that is essential for solving complex issues relative to needs of New Mexico stakeholders.
  3. Budget details - please use the budget template provided.
  4. Please provide, as a supplement to your proposal, a two-page bio-sketch for each PI.

Submit proposals to aces_proposals@nmsu.edu. Please submit a PDF of your proposal using the title and subject: CESFAS Seed Grant 2020-2021 Proposal_[PI last name].

Proposals that do not follow the required title format and proposals submitted to a different email address WILL NOT be accepted.

Application deadline for 2020-2021 has passed, see proposal award information below.


NMSU's Center of Excellence in Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems (CESFAS) will be the leader in building a vibrant agricultural economy by conducting innovative, transdisciplinary, collaborative research that facilitates and develops strong food and value-added agricultural businesses. The center will also provide interdisciplinary training and education to students to give value-added industries highly-skilled, workforce-ready employees. In partnership with industry, the CESFAS will help meet the complex challenge of feeding a growing global population using fewer natural resources.

CESFAS, established during the 2019 New Mexico legislative session, is leveraging resources of other NMSU units and industry to develop three interdisciplinary faculty positions to address critical gaps in research, Extension, and education in the areas of microbial food safety, food bioprocessing, and sustainable water systems.

CESFAS will address the complex issues of food and agricultural sustainability through transdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships and will build a vibrant food and agricultural economy in New Mexico through value-added research and education that contributes to the development of state-of-the-art agricultural and food industries.

2020-2021 CESFAS Seed Grant Awarded